Introducing the exclusive Zoho Sheet app for iOS and iPadOS

As working remotely is becoming more and more common across the world, we know making our mobile apps more powerful is essential. We are now introducing exclusive apps for iPhones and iPads for a better experience and to provide device specific updates. Additionally, the new iOS app comes with a revamped UI and interesting features!

An interface built for users 

Spreadsheets listed in Zoho Sheet


We have completely revised Sheet’s iOS user interface to minimize the number of taps needed to complete an action and to make the app easier to navigate. The new smart tool bar at the bottom helps you make instant edits to your data and charts without opening the menu—all in a single tap!


Handcrafted templates 

Templates in Zoho Sheet light mode   Templates in Zoho Sheet dark mode

You can now quickly create to-do lists, invoices, sales reports, and more using our system templates gallery. Simply pick the desired template and get started right away with all your formats and calculations intact. This gallery will keep growing with our future updates.

Couldn’t find the template you want? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll take note!


Dropbox and Box integrations 

Dropbox and Box integration in Zoho Sheet

Want to edit your spreadsheets saved in Dropbox, Box, or Files in your iPhone? Seamlessly open them directly from your Zoho Sheet app, make your changes, and choose where (which app) and how (replace the original or save as a copy) to save them.

There’s more! 

In addition to these updates, we have also made some feature enhancements to keep the app in line with improvements made to the web version of Sheet.

  • Stay informed on discussions happening inside your spreadsheets with our push notifications for comments.

  • Freeze any number of rows and columns in your spreadsheet without restrictions.

  • Display text values with appropriate hierarchy with indent, and display them in preferred way using clip and shrink options.

  • Get instant numbers such as sum, average, and count on selecting a cell range for quick reference.


Exclusively for iPads 

We are now introducing an exclusive app for iPads to deliver device- and OS-specific improvements and features. Install the app from the iPad app store and continue working from where you left off.

Check out the new app and features and let us know your feedback in the comments below! Run into any issues? Write to us at and we’ll look into it right away.

You can install the new apps using the links below or from the App Store directly.

iPhone app

iPad app


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