Zoho Finance suite is packed with iOS 13 features

At Zoho, we always strive to stay abreast of the latest developments in technology. As the world welcomes iOS 13, we have optimized our Zoho Finance Suite to make the most out of the latest update. These changes take advantage of the native iOS 13 features to provide you with a smooth and enhanced finance experience.

Here's how we have tailored our apps for use with iOS 13:

Ease your eyes with dark mode

The much-anticipated dark mode is finally here! You can now adopt the system-wide dark mode, which by default will turn the interface of your Zoho Finance apps into hues of black and dark gray. This means no more straining your eyes when using the app at night. This easy-on-the-eyes app theme can be configured in your phone's settings.

Scan business cards to add contacts instantly

Attracting the right customers takes time and effort. However, is adding them to your organization also taking up a huge chunk of your time? With Apple's latest iOS, you can now create a contact in a jiffy by scanning their business cards with your phone.

To add new customers to your, say Zoho Invoice organization, head over to the customers module in the iOS app, tap the plus icon in the top right corner, select Import, and choose Scan Business Card. Take a picture of the desired business card, and the details will be captured right away.

Work faster with conversational shortcuts

Talk to Siri to get your work done! The iOS 13 update brings out more of a conversational flow with Siri to automate tasks. The Shortcuts app (which will be built-in with iOS 13) is packed with countless app-specific actions, which you can use to create custom business workflows. This way, you can accelerate various workflows, without even opening your finance app.

For instance, if you are a Zoho Expense user, you can ask Siri to upload today's expense receipts from your Photos app to your organization, to auto-scan them. Whereas, for Zoho Books, you can create a shortcut to generate an invoice link and share it with your customer via Whatsapp or iMessage. All from your Siri console.

Use contextual menus to access more functions

Just as how you can chat with Siri to get work done faster, you can use the contextual menus within the finance apps to complete actions swiftly. With iOS 13, you can use the Haptic Touch or 3D Touch to access the commonly used actions of a module.

For example, in Zoho Inventory, you can press and hold on a package in the list view to access its contextual actions. From here, you can create a manual shipment by choosing the corresponding option. Using the contextual menu, you can also download PDFs of transactions or email them to a customer with just a long press and tap.

The Zoho Books, Zoho Expense, Zoho Inventory, and Zoho Invoice apps are readily available for use with iOS 13. Check them out in the App store.

Grab your iPhones and update to the latest version of iOS to enjoy these features in your Zoho Finance apps. Created a few shortcuts to automate your work? Tell us about them in the comments below! We would also love to hear about the feature you liked the most.


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