A better way of providing quality customer service with iOS 13

iOS 13 update for desk

This year's Apple Special had the internet buzzing as it announced the release of iOS 13, the latest update for iPhones. We are celebrating this release too because with iOS 13, we can enable agents to make the most out of their day helping customers.

Mobile customer service has become a vital part of a support agent's workday. It helps them provide service wherever they go, and lets them be available to their customers even when they're not at their desks. Even with limited functionality initially, mobile phones proved to be a useful resource for agents whenever they were needed right away. Portable devices like the iPhone and iPad have seen exponential growth in processing speed and computational power, so they now have nearly the same capabilities as an agent's work laptop, bringing the gap in user experience closer than ever. As these devices grew, so did our urge to grow and keep giving users useful features.

Here's how iOS 13 can help you simplify your customer service:

Dark Mode

Dark Mode has been a long-awaited feature that is finally being rolled out with iOS 13. It can be a slightly annoying process to turn on Dark Mode for your iPhone, open an app and have to turn on Dark Mode for the app separately. Zoho Desk supports Dark Mode not simply on an application level but on a fundamental system level. This means that when you switch on Dark Mode on your iPhone, your Zoho Desk app opens in Dark Mode too.

Dark Mode for Zoho Desk on iOS 13


Document Scanning On the Go

Powered by Apple's VisionKit scanning engine, you can now scan documents using your iPhone's camera. The scanned documents can be attached as a file into tickets, threads, or comments within Zoho Desk. For an agent on the move, their iPhone is all they will need to take care of paperwork with ease.

Document Scanner for Zoho Desk on iOS 13
Document Scanner for Zoho Desk on iOS 13

Hello, Siri...

Getting tasks done with voice assistance is always super useful and can save you a substantial amount of time. Now you can set up shortcuts to add ticket resolutions or leave comments on a ticket with Siri, without making a single gesture. Open Siri and read out the action that you would like to perform. Choose the ticket on which you would like to perform the action by reading out the ticket subject, then read out the content for the resolution, and you are good to go.

Conversational Shortcuts in Zoho Desk for iOS 13

Helpful Haptics

Accidental gestures happen all the time in the apps we use. We archive important emails, accidentally close tickets or mark them as spam when we pick them up. Zoho Desk adds haptic feedback to these gestures so you'll immediately know what gestures the app is picking up, even if you didn't mean to make them.

For your choice of language

If you work in a language other than your primary one, your work app's language needs to be independent from your device's language. With this update, now you can set a different language within Zoho Desk without having to modify your iPhone's language settings each time.

Context(ual) Menus

If you need to find specific information in a long list of tickets, it can be arduous to comb through each ticket one by one. Zoho Desk aims to solve that with the introduction of Context Menus. You can now long press on each ticket to see a preview of the ticket and all vital information associated with the ticket. Now you can glean context quicker, enabling you to take faster context-powered action.

Context Menus in Zoho Desk for iOS 13


Multi Window Support in iPad

While working on a ticket, there are times when you feel like you need a little more context. You then have to leave the window you are working on to go through the data you need, and get back to your ticket. This process hits the brakes on your train of thought as you were working on the ticket. With Multi Window Support for the new iPadOS in Zoho Desk, you can now put context right next to execution. Simply click and drag to open an instance of ticket timelines or customer details from within the ticket. Compose replies effortlessly with all the context you need, just a glance away.

Compose replies with addtional context

Productivity can be limited by circumstances and the tools you work with—this drives us to grow and iterate to equip you with the best tools possible. With the latest updates to Zoho Desk, your best efforts can now yield more outcomes and customer happiness than ever before. Here's a round-up of all the new features that come with this update.

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