Elevating automation: Announcing on-prem integrations and three new triggers in Zoho Flow

Announcing on-prem integrations and new triggers

We're excited to announce the official rollout of not one but four significant additions to Zoho Flow: on-prem integrations, email triggers, URL triggers, and RSS triggers. These practical features are here to enhance the scope of your integrations and elevate your automation game. Following a successful beta phase, we're confident that these additions will not only expand your automation possibilities but also boost your team's productivity. Let's dive in and see what's in store for you.

Unleashing the power of on-prem integrations

We're introducing our highly anticipated on-prem integrations, a potential game-changer for organizations that depend on applications hosted on their own servers.

With on-prem integrations, you can seamlessly connect your on-premises applications with cloud applications. No more code-intensive custom integrations and toggling between separate platforms for cloud and on-prem integrations. 

This new feature is powered by our On-Prem Agent, which acts as a trusted bridge between your local servers and Zoho Flow. It facilitates data transfer between apps without exposing your servers publicly, ensuring data security.

Just install the agent and connect your on-prem applications with Zoho Flow as effortlessly as you would with everyday cloud app connections. On-Prem Agent is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Learn how to create on-prem integrations

Expanding on-prem application support

Initially developed with ManageEngine applications in mind, the on-prem capability of Zoho Flow shows tremendous potential in creating a tightly integrated stack of ManageEngine, Zoho, and third-party applications. 

We currently support these popular on-prem apps:

  • ServiceDesk Plus On-Premises
  • Mobile Device Manager Plus On-Premises
  • ADManager Plus
  • PAM360
  • MySQL
  • MySQL Server
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL

More is under development, and we'll be pushing new apps regularly.

The power of automated commands and scripts

Our on-prem toolkit also includes a powerful feature: automatic execution of commands and scripts (like Python or Bash) on local or remote machines. Think of automated file conversions, data transformations, or system updates using tailored commands and scripts. 

We're adding this functionality as an on-prem app, called Commands & Scripts, so all you need to do is store all your required commands and scripts in a dedicated file, and then add actions to your flow to let Zoho Flow initiate their executions.

Learn how to automatically execute commands and scripts

Introducing 3 new trigger types

We're also expanding the ways in which you can trigger your flows; more sources to trigger from means more automations across business functions!

Email trigger: Automate workflows effectively by parsing data from template-based emails, making repetitive tasks like processing invoices, cab receipts, and payslips a breeze.

URL trigger: Poll responses from any URL, an indispensable feature for integrating custom apps or private APIs, enhancing the scope of your automation.

RSS trigger: Stay updated and kickstart workflows from your favorite blogs and news sites by configuring their public RSS URLs in your flows.

Learn more about email, RSS/Atom feed, and URL triggers

We’re committed to enhancing our automation capabilities, and with your continued support and feedback, the journey ahead looks promising. With more comprehensive automation, you get to keep repetitive work at bay and work on what actually matters. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements.


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