Zoho Flow


Integration—the bridge between your marketing automation tool and truly automated marketing

Marketing automation tools aid you by delivering smart content and earning valuable information in return. But can this information afford to stay buried in your tool? And is your...

Zoho Flow 3 min read

Zoho Flow is now 200 apps strong and the sprint is on

We launched Flow in Jan 2018, with the aim of providing a platform to make complex integrations simple for you. Today, we’ve reached the next milestone...

Zoho Flow 1 min read

How Zoho Flow makes team collaboration more effective

While creative partnerships remain the key to productivity, the way we perceive them has evolved. Physical presence isn’t a necessity for teamwork anymore, but digital...

Zoho Flow 2 min read

How to get started with Zoho Flow

We launched Zoho Flow to make your app-integrations as quick and effortless as possible. Now we’d like to show you how, with the first chapter of our Zoho Flow...

Zoho Flow 1 min read

Zoho Flow, A Comprehensive Integration Platform for the Cloud, is Now Part of Zoho One

Over a hundred business apps, tons of pre-built automation workflows, endless possibilities for custom integrations—all from just one among the 40 apps. That’s what Zoho Flow brings...

Zoho Flow 2 min read

Introducing Zoho Flow: An App Integration Platform Designed to Automate your Business

Today, there is an app for almost every business function. Using specialized apps can make your functions work really well by themselves, but for them to work...

Zoho Flow 3 min read