2 years of Zoho Flow, 200+ years of time saved

It’s been two years since Zoho Flow was launched, and it's already managed to save over 200 years of time for our customers worldwide.

More than 200 million tasks have been automated by Zoho Flow so far.

These tasks include things like sending templated emails from CRMs, emailing invoices from accounting apps, creating tasks, setting up event reminders, making entries in time tracking apps, and much more.

Assuming that it takes two minutes to complete each task manually, those 200 million tasks end up saving over 200 years for our customers!

But what happens if people choose to build their own integrations instead of opting for an integration platform like Zoho Flow?

They'll first need to spend a significant amount on developing the integration, not to mention the continuing cost of maintenance. Add to that the planning and management costs, and you’re left with considerably less time and money.

What Zoho Flow has accomplished over these two years proves that an integration platform can be practical, efficient, and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.

Zoho Flow already supports over 400 apps and this number will only increase. And if you happen to use multiple Zoho apps, Flow will continue to deliver even more value as an integration engine that connects the Zoho ecosystem with third-party applications.


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  1. I use books and would be great if costing was also automated. I don't need to do it in Excel before I make an SKU on zoho and inventorize since all bills are anyway accounted for

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