Get early access to Zoho Vault's new user interface 

Redefine the way you manage your passwords: the much-awaited early access for Zoho Vault’s new user interface is here. This quicker, simpler interface is built to help your entire team become even more productive and is packed with things to look forward to.


Simple terminology
So long, Chambers. No Secrets there, we’ll miss you.

Say goodbye to Passphrase, Secrets, Chambers and other old user interface terms and say hello to Master Password, Passwords, Folders, and more. We renamed these key product terms to keep things simple and help you hit the ground running with our new interface.

Picturesque personalization
Paint the town red! Or green, or purple, or…

Zoho Vault new UI themes

Nothing gives you the first taste of a new interface like customizable themes. Add a personal touch to your Vault account by choosing one of our vibrant themes.

Zoho Vault - Night Mode

And when the lights go down, switch to the soothing comfort of night mode to make it easier for your eyes. Managing passwords has never been this much fun!

All new dashboards
Complete password safety with unparalleled security analytics

Zoho Vault Dashboard

Discover key security insights for your personal and business passwords from the new Dashboard. Switch between the personal and team dashboards to view password security scores, user activity, frequently accessed passwords, and more vital graphical data.

Hassle-free password management
Easy, organized, intuitive—just how you like it

Zoho Vault - New UI - Passwords

Manage your passwords, documents, notes, bank accounts, and other sensitive data from the Passwords tab. The new tile and list views add a new level of aesthetic comfort to password management. The sidebar extends to grant easy access to your folders so you can stay focused.

Unlimited subfolders
You get a folder, they get a folder, everyone gets a folder!

Zoho Vault new UI - Folders

Our new interface breaks free from restrictions on subfolder creation. You can now group all your passwords into unlimited folders and create as many subfolders as you wish.

Convenient access to cloud apps
There’s no faster way to connect with the cloud

Zoho Vault - new UI - Single sign-on (SSO) applications

Passwordless authentication is the talk of the town, and you can set it up for your business faster than ever. Streamline access for hundreds of pre-defined and unlimited custom single sign-on (SSO) applications and allow users to safely access and launch applications in a single click.

Efficient event monitoring
They can run, but they can’t hide

This new update comes with the same variety of security benefits that are now even better. You can share passwords with your colleagues and track their actions with our extensive audits. Selectively view specific actions performed on your sensitive data stored in Vault with our extensive filters and monitor every user’s action efficiently.

Incisive visual reports
Numbers, graphs, and every other sort of data to make life easier

Zoho Vault Reports

Worried about the suspicious activities of that new intern in Accounting? Keep an eye on all the passwords they have access to with your Reports. The new Reports section gives detailed graphical data for all the critical actions performed in your organization. The colorful insights don’t just make your reports visually pleasing, but also convey details with instant clarity.

More efficiency, less hassle
Your new go-to place for activity management

Zoho Vault - New UI


Swamped with managing multiple user activities? Worry no more! We’ve grouped the Tools, Settings, and Admin sections under Settings to help you swiftly manage multiple operations from one place. You can access powerful admin controls, add additional security constraints for your organization, personalize your account, and much more to keep your personal and business passwords secure.

What’s next?

If you haven’t already signed up for our beta program, get early access to our new interface by enrolling today!

Enroll now for the beta program


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