Zoho Mail integrates with 100+ applications via

Over time, the way we work and communicate across our workspace has drastically changed. To stay ahead of this trend, the Mail team is always striving to give you a seamless combination...

Zoho Mail 3 min read

Announcing Zoho Sign extension for Microsoft Teams

Collaboration in modern workplaces can be similar to solving a jigsaw puzzle. You need to find the right tools that easily integrate with one another to achieve increased productivity and efficiency. Working...

Zoho Sign 3 min read

Integration—the bridge between your marketing automation tool and truly automated marketing

Marketing automation tools aid you by delivering smart content and earning valuable information in return. But can this information afford to stay buried in your tool? And is your...

Zoho Flow 3 min read

Use Zoho Survey to help manage your events like a pro

Zoho Survey 2 min read

Announcing the new ‘eWidget’ in Zoho Mail

Multitasking is an unavoidable part of the modern workplace. Juggling different apps, switching between dozens of browser tabs, and managing cobbled-together workflows is just the price...

Zoho Mail 3 min read

Zoho Recruit integrates with Checkr for faster and better background checks

Investing time and effort into hiring a new employee is essential. Recruiters are constantly revisiting and revising their hiring strategies, looking for better sourcing channels, more stringent assessments, and automated workflows that ensure candidate engagement. However, despite all this effort,...

Zoho Recruit 2 min read

Introducing the Zoho Expense integration with Uber for Business: An easy ride to better expense reporting

No matter what your role is in your organization, you can benefit from the time saved by automating boring tasks. We all want to focus...

Zoho Expense 2 min read

Zoho Flow is now 200 apps strong and the sprint is on

We launched Flow in Jan 2018, with the aim of providing a platform to make complex integrations simple for you. Today, we’ve reached the next milestone...

Zoho Flow 1 min read

Give your business a mobile app. Welcome to Zoho Creator 5. 

It is improvement in many ways, and new functionality in more ways. Dear friends, We just celebrated our 12 year-anniversary as an app-building platform, and...

Zoho Creator 2 min read

Advanced Subscription Analytics for Stripe with Zoho Reports

As the subscription business model is being adopted by most of the businesses today, effectively analysing the SaaS metrics has become a lifeline in understanding...

Zoho Analytics 3 min read