Unifying HR and payroll for the Middle East and Africa: Zoho People partners with GreytHR

Payroll processing is one of the key functions in an organization and getting it right is of paramount importance to keep employees satisfied, happy, and productive. To process payroll accurately, you need to capture your employee’s attendance data, leave data, and the time they spend on different projects accurately. Having HR software that is tightly integrated with payroll software is the key to acing payroll processing. We at Zoho People truly understand this and we are super delighted to announce that we are partnering with GreytHR in the MEA region to make HR processing as easy as possible for HR teams.

Partnership between Zoho People and GreytHR

As part of this exciting partnership, Zoho People users will be able to make use of GreytHR’s payroll capabilities seamlessly.  You can enable greytHR through Zoho itself. Here’s how our partnership with GreytHR can benefit your HR team:

  • Cuts down repetitive work

Adding and editing the necessary data in HR technology is crucial to ensure that your HR operations run smoothly without any errors. However, you may not want to add and edit the same data in multiple systems as it can get tiring and in some cases even cause errors. Leveraging the partnership, when you start using both Zoho People and GreytHR, the data required for payroll processing like the employee’s date of joining, address, date of birth, department, designation, email ID, etc. will be synced to GreytHR automatically. Whenever you edit data synced with GreytHR in Zoho People, those edits will get reflected automatically in GreytHR too. Other than the basic information, other employee data, which you may think might be necessary for GreytHR, can be mapped so that data gets synced automatically.

  • Makes payroll processing simple

With greytHR, the entire payroll process is automated, from fetching data for payroll processing and calculating deductions to processing the net pay and maintaining payroll records. Payroll can be processed with just a click of a button. In addition to this, greytHR’s payroll system simplifies the tedious task of complying with ever-changing payroll laws by automatically updating the system whenever there’s an update or amendment. It also provides employees access to a self-service portal through which they can access essential payroll details like payslips, TDS information, and reimbursement claims.

  • Fetches LOP reports

As mentioned before, the Loss of Pay details of your employees is necessary to calculate payroll without any errors. When Zoho People is integrated with GreytHR, the LOP report in Zoho People gets pushed to GreytHR automatically and this way payroll can be calculated accurately for each of your employees based on their unpaid leave days. However, to take advantage of the feature, you’ll have to configure the pay period settings present under the leave module.

Wrapping up

We hope this useful integration enables your organization to automate payroll calculations, prevent errors, and streamline HR operations for your employees. Check out our help docs for more detailed information on the setup. Do give this integration a try and let us know what you think in the comments section below! For any doubts, please feel free to email us at support@zohopeople.com!


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