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It’s finally here! An all-new Zoho Social for your mobile

Social media marketing is dynamic, engaging, and most importantly, happens all in real-time. Conversations continue to take place. Whether you’re at work, at home, or...

4 min read

Create, capture, and measure with the new Facebook Lead Gen features in Zoho Social

Ever since we introduced Facebook Lead Ads integration in Zoho Social, we’ve been taking copious notes from you. Up until now, you could have only...

3 min read

Give your social media content a boost with CustomQ scheduling and an all-new zShare

Last week, we announced a bunch of new features that we added to our product—All of them in line with our commitment to make Zoho...

3 min read

How to manage your Google My Business listing with Zoho Social: Learn from Sofia

  Imagine an old telephone book—you know, the ones people used before everyone had the internet in their pockets. A Google My Business listing is...

4 min read

Zoho Social 2018—introducing richer analytics, support for Google My Business, and a lot more

Today, we’re taking our commitment further by making Zoho Social a platform that helps businesses and agencies with all things social media marketing. I’m super excited to finally spill the beans on our biggest release this year. There’s so much packed into this—including some of our most asked-for features and ones we believe will set us apart in this competitive market.

5 min read

Social Media 101: Knowing when to pause your scheduled posts

Crisis comes in all shapes and forms. For a business, it can be a multitude of things. It can be anything from an industry crisis,...

3 min read

Temporary Changes that will Impact your use of Instagram and Facebook on Zoho Social

Update: As at 06-April-2018, everything seems to be working normally with both Facebook and Instagram networks. We’re closely monitoring the situation and will keep you...

1 min read

It’s here! Publish directly to Instagram with Zoho Social

There are literally a million ways I could introduce this update to you, but considering how long we've had to wait for this, I'd rather cut straight to the chase — Zoho Social now supports direct publishing on Instagram. Excited? So are we.

2 min read

Introducing Zoho Social for Digital Agencies

Today, with lots of feedback and ideas from our agency customers, we’re thrilled to introduce—Zoho Social for Agencies—a special edition of Zoho Social that caters to the needs of digital agencies managing social media for multiple brands.

2 min read

Zoho Social is in the top 3 on GetApp’s “Social Media Marketing Category Leader 2017” list. Hurray!

We began this year with the announcement of Zoho Social bagging the #1 and #2 spots in Social Media Monitoring and Social Media Management Software...

2 min read