Connect your Zoho Calendar with 5,000+ applications through Zapier

Our day-to-day work is heavily dependent on calendar schedules. They allow us to plan our day effectively, prioritize our tasks, coordinate with others, and stay organized. A business calendar allows us to manage our time and resources efficiently. Without it, our meetings, appointments, and deadlines would be all over the place and we'd end up missing a lot of them.

Integrations allow you to connect and automate tasks across platforms, effectively functioning as a bridge between different apps and services. Integrations and workflows are required for Calendar because they can help us automate tasks, connect with other apps, provide insights, and improve collaboration. It can help users save time, be more efficient, make better decisions, and stay on the same page.

At Zoho, we aim to eliminate the friction in your workflow so you can be more productive. But sometimes, you'll want to integrate a third-party application with Zoho to help you complete your work. If you're not technically savvy, it can be difficult to connect third-party applications to Zoho Calendar, until now.

Zoho Calendar and Zapier: Get more done with less

We're excited to announce that Zoho Calendar and Zapier are now officially integrated! This means you can now automate your Zoho Calendar workflows with more than 5,000 other apps. Set up a trigger, an action, and you're all set! Zapier will take care of the rest. With Zapier, you can do things like:

  • Automatically create new tasks in your project management app when you schedule a meeting in Zoho Calendar.

  • Send yourself a reminder to follow up with a lead after they book a meeting with you.

  • Automatically add new leads to your CRM when they RSVP to an event in your Zoho Calendar.

And that's just the beginning! There are endless possibilities when you combine the power of Zoho Calendar and Zapier.

Configuring Zapier

After signing up for Zapier, choose Zoho Calendar from the list of integrated applications. You can either choose an existing Zap or create your own to automate your workflow with minimal effort. (You can refer to our help documentation for more information about configuring your Zap with Zoho Calendar.)

For example, if you want to create a Zap that automatically creates a new task in your project management app when you schedule a meeting in your calendar, the trigger would be "New Calendar Event" and the action would be "Create New Task."

When you've created a Zap, you can test it to make sure that it's working correctly. Once you're satisfied that the Zap is working, you can turn it on and let it automate your workflow.

Project management is a breeze

A project management tool that isn’t integrated with other apps can be difficult to keep track of and needs to be double-checked regularly. When you're working on multiple projects, keeping track of each project’s tasks, deadlines, and progress can be a challenge. With the Zoho Calendar–Zapier integration, you can conquer these chores with ease.

Create Zaps that automatically create new tasks whenever new events are added to Zoho Calendar, or vice versa. From the moment you create a project to the moment it's wrapped up, you can automate calendar creation, scheduling and updating events, and syncing every other action as needed to ensure you complete your project on time.

Always stay informed of what's happening 

Whenever there are important events, meetings, or deadlines, you don't want to miss out on new developments. If you’re using different applications for different tasks, chances are good that you might overlook or miss out on some event updates.

With the Zapier integration, you can stay informed through emails, SMS, or events whenever changes are made to events.

Simplified data management with Zapier 

Manual data management is prone to human error. We can make mistakes when entering, updating, and storing data that can lead to inaccurate data, delays, and productivity loss.

Link your Zoho Calendar and Zapier accounts and create Zaps to automatically populate the data you want in other applications such as Notion, Hubspot, Freshdesk, and others.

Endless Zaps, endless possibilities

Zapier integrates with more than 5,000 different apps and services, so you can automate tasks in just about any area of your work.

Read our help documentation for getting started with Zapier.


2 Replies to Connect your Zoho Calendar with 5,000+ applications through Zapier

  1. Hi Kevin, Zapier can be an alternate option to sync events to your Google calendar. However, the easy way to sync events in your Zoho Calendar to your Google calendar and vice versa is to use our Google Calendar Sync option. You can refer to this help documentation to learn about Google Sync. ( If there is a specific use-case that you're looking to solve via Zapier, please reach out to support(at)zohocalendar(dot)com and we'll help you with it.

  2. Its a shame I have to use Zapier to get my appointment into my google calendar. Is this a way to tell us that Zoho Flow just really isn't worth using? It has never worked correctly for me.

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