Simplifying your employee payments: Combine expense reimbursements and salary payments with Zoho

Every business, regardless of size or industry, strives to operate as efficiently as possible. However, managing employee payments can often resemble a complex puzzle due to the nature of different types of employee payments. Traditionally, salary payments and expense reimbursements have been treated as separate tasks, each with its unique challenges.

For salary payments, businesses must calculate and account for variables such as the number of days worked, taxes, and benefits. On the other hand, expense reimbursements require tracking employee spending, verifying receipts, and issuing reimbursements on time. Processing salary payments and business expense reimbursements separately increases administrative tasks and leaves room for errors and inconsistencies. Let's see how.

Increased administrative burden: Your finance team might have to use one system for disbursing salaries, and another for reimbursing employee expenses.

Operational costs: Managing separate systems for salary payments and expense reimbursements can lead to higher operational costs. Your organization will need to allocate additional resources and time to handle two distinct processes.

Introducing the Zoho Payroll - Zoho Expense integration

Addressing the above challenges, the integration of Zoho Payroll and Zoho Expense offers a simplified solution for managing your employee payments. This powerful integration helps your process business expense reimbursements for employees along with their salary payments.

Zoho Expense Payroll Integration

Here's how we help solve some of the business pain points that are prevalent today.

Need for zoho expense payroll integration

To enhance this streamlined approach further, the user sync between Zoho Expense and Zoho Payroll seamlessly ensures that all employees from Zoho Payroll are automatically recognized as submitters in Zoho Expense. 

Additionally, you can effortlessly sync users from Zoho Expense to become employees in Zoho Payroll. This reciprocal data flow simplifies administrative tasks and boosts expense and payroll management efficiency.

From the initial setup to the final payment, to recording the journal entry for it, you'll see how this integration not only simplifies your administrative tasks but also enhances the accuracy and efficiency of your payment processing.

We've broken down this seamless process into four straightforward steps, which we've represented in the infographic below.

Embrace simplicity: Unlock the full potential of the integration

Throughout this blog, we've explored the power of integrating Zoho Expense with Zoho Payroll to simplify and enhance your employee payment processes. By streamlining the management of salary payments and expense reimbursements, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and employee satisfaction. As you reflect on the benefits and steps outlined, it's time to take action and unlock the full potential of this integration for your organization.

1) How to access the Zoho Payroll-Zoho Expense integration?

You can subscribe to the any plan of Zoho Payroll (skip this if you are already using a  plan of Zoho Payroll). Once you subscribe, the Zoho Expense integration is one of the many integrations we provide for your subscription.

2) Should I subscribe to Zoho Books as well to record journal entries?

No, if you have subscribed to the paid plan of Zoho Payroll, all you need to do is integrate with Zoho Books from Zoho Payroll.  By integrating Zoho Books with Zoho Expense, you can sync and view your expense data from within your Zoho Books account automatically. You can also view your list of approved expenses, automatically updated and matched under the Chart of Accounts (CoA) module. Learn how here.

3) Can you help me with the integration and provide steps to process business expense reimbursement along with salary payments?

Yes, of course! Just check out our user guide for the integration and you can refer to it to process employee payments.
If you have any additional queries, please reach out to us at and we'll help you right away.


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  1. This is a nice addition, but what I'm really waiting for in integration with Zoho People, so their recorded timesheets are used to create payroll.

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