Introducing exciting new features to enhance your calendar experience

At Zoho Calendar, we strive to provide our users with the best scheduling tool that caters to their needs. We understand that our users have varied schedules and demands, and we're committed to continually improving our product to make your lives easier. Today, we're thrilled to announce a significant update packed with new features that will enhance your calendar experience like never before!

One of our primary motivations behind this update is to address the valuable feedback and requests we've received from our loyal customers. We appreciate the insights and suggestions that have poured in, and we've carefully listened to every single one of them. By implementing these new features, we aim to prioritize your convenience and alleviate the burden of scheduling, allowing you to manage your time more efficiently.

Upgrade to Zoho Calendar today and unlock a world of event-management possibilities! Here's what you can experience when you get started.

Simplify event invitations and tracking  

Managing event invitations and tracking responses just got easier with our latest feature, "Event invitation status." Now, you can effortlessly keep track of your event invites and stay informed about the status and timing of sent and received invitations. This powerful functionality allows you to monitor responses and promptly follow up with attendees. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of whether your event invite reached its intended recipient, and gain full control over your event-planning process.

Track event invitations

Effortlessly respond to event invitations   

We understand the importance of promptly responding to event invitations, which is why we're introducing our convenient "Yet to respond" feature. With this functionality, you can easily indicate your response as "Yes," "No," or "Maybe" for event invitations without having to navigate through your calendar grid every time. It's a quick and efficient way to manage your event responses from a single place. Streamline your event-planning process, save time, and ensure timely responses with the "Yet to Respond" feature. Never miss an important RSVP again.

Yet to respond

Declutter your inbox with threaded event invites  

Say goodbye to cluttered calendar notifications flooding your inbox. We're excited to introduce another new feature that revolutionizes the way event invites are presented. Instead of separate threads for each RSVP, we now group calendar event invites into threaded conversations, just like email threads. This enhancement brings you a clutter-free inbox and a more organized calendar experience. Easily manage your event-related conversations and access all of the information you need in one convenient place. Enjoy a seamless and hassle-free scheduling experience with our threaded event invites.

Threaded event invites

Customize your recurring event attendance  

Responding to recurring events has never been more convenient. Our latest update allows you to reply as "No" or edit your response for a single instance within a series of repeated events. Imagine this scenario: you've been attending a weekly event for three consecutive weeks, but you won't be able to make it on the fourth week. No worries! With this new feature, you can simply indicate your inability to attend that particular week while maintaining your participation for future events. This flexibility ensures that your event attendance remains accurate and reflective of your availability.

Customize your recurring event attendance

Soaring forward  

Experience the convenience and efficiency of these new features as we continue to enhance your event-management and scheduling capabilities. Stay organized, track responses effortlessly, and enjoy a seamless event-planning experience. Now, you can also download the Zoho Calendar app for your mobile device and start scheduling events while you're on the go. Upgrade your event-management game with our latest updates and unlock a world of possibilities in managing your calendar events with us at Zoho Calendar.

Keep an eye on our platform for more information, tutorials, and helpful resources to ensure that you make the most of these exciting new features, and please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Your feedback is instrumental in our ongoing efforts to create an inclusive and user-centric product.


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