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Nowadays, online calendaring has become synonymous with every business. Everything from scheduling events, ensuring proper time management, following up, and more is done on a timely basis with the help of a calendar. It acts as an assistant, who is a stickler for punctuality, by sending timely notifications so you don't miss any important client meetings.

We make sure your assistant, Zoho Calendar, is constantly evolving with thoughtful features and improvements to be more helpful in every walk of life. Here are the latest changes within Zoho Calendar.

Zoho Calendar

Auto-suggest slot

Ever had a moment where you pick an event date and time, fill out the description with an agenda, book a conference room, and add all the participants, only to get a message stating, "Hey, I'm unavailable at that time," from one of the participants?

This super frustrating moment is a thing of the past with Zoho Calendar's auto-suggest slot feature. Now, when you pick a time for an event and add a participant, Zoho Calendar will highlight the particular participant who is unavailable and suggest their next earliest availability.

auto-suggest slot

You can also filter their availability for that current week and the next week. This feature will save you the hassle of asking everyone for their preferred time before sending the invitation or having to check for it yourselves.

Out-of-office sync

Picture this: you're planning a vacation to a tropical paradise to escape the corporate life of spreadsheets, deadlines, and endless meetings. However, during the rush of packing, you forgot to set up an "out-of-office" notice on your calendar.

Suddenly, while you are enjoying your vacation, you get an email from your colleague requesting immediate approval for their expense proposal. One email turns into a quick meeting and just like that, you are sucked into the same corporate hustle and bustle you wanted a break from.

To ensure nothing like this ever happens while you are away from the office—be it a vacation, a business trip, or personal time off—you can configure out-of-office notices in Zoho Mail. This will sync with Zoho Calendar and mark it as an out-of-office event during the period that you've noted. This can automatically decline events based on what you've configured.

out-of-office calendar

There are a lot of benefits to setting out-of-office notifications on your calendar, such as enhancing your work-life balance, alleviating stress, displaying professionalism, and managing expectations.

In a nutshell

In a fast-paced world filled with meetings, events, client calls, and priority tasks dominating our everyday lives, it is our calendar that acts as a lifeline keeping us afloat. Bearing this in mind, Zoho Calendar is on a mission to constantly stay updated with useful features that can make your everyday events more eventful.

The auto-suggest feature tells you which participants can't make it to a particular meeting and even goes a step further by suggesting an alternative time slot that works for them. The next self-explanatory feature, out-of-office sync, lets others in on your availability, or lack thereof, for a particular time set by you.

Zoho Calendar is always evolving with the release of each feature. If you'd like to see specific features in the future, feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments below. We would also love to hear your thoughts on the above features!


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