Zoho Notebook meets Samsung devices

Let us tell you a tale of our initial collaboration with Samsung, a story you'll surely find captivating! Picture the moment when the remarkable capabilities of Samsung's powerful devices merged with the productivity-enhancing features of Zoho Notebook, resulting in a fun-filled note-taking experience. Zoho Notebook, an all-in-one, dynamic note-taking app, was tailored to elevate your note-taking experience by opening up a world of endless possibilities. Explore Notebook's features and how it can empower your productivity. 

Now Samsung users, get ready to enjoy the treat with Notebook on your latest Samsung devices because its flawless features will blow your mind, and you’ll love taking notes.

Adaptive layout: Our app adjusts to your screen 

Whatever your Samsung device is, you don’t have to worry about adjusting your screen or feel uncomfortable using the app. Zoho Notebook supports adaptive layout, so it stands out in adjusting the screen size according to the device's screen space. Enjoy taking notes without any clutter.

Flex mode: Unfold the note-taking magic 

Although it's 90 degrees up, it's a perfect 100–we don't just say it, we mean it. When you even fold your foldable device halfway, Notebook seamlessly adjusts to the state of the device and runs through flawlessly to produce the best writing experience. Simply put, keep your day's meeting agenda on one side and change the color of your note on the other side of the foldable.

Drag-and-drop: Take notes on the go 

Creating, locating, saving, and moving takes time–especially when you're on your way to an urgent meeting. With Notebook, you can just drag and drop text, images, and files into your notes or email and move on, saving time and making your day easier. Is there anything as handy as this?

Multi-instance: Multiple windows on a single screen 

Open multiple windows in the app and write your heart out in each of its windows. Take notes on one, record audio on the other, and share memories with friends on a different tab. For all of the multi-taskers out there, this feature is highly beneficial as you can work with different types of notes on a single screen.

Samsung Dex mode: Elevate your productivity with large screens 

Connect your pocket device with your large-screen Samsung monitor and see the magic. As you take notes on your foldable, you can work on the monitor and use your favorite apps without any interference and experience high-level multitasking ability.

PiP mode: Pin your notes  

With the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, you can take notes, make to-do lists, listen to audio, and watch videos in a small window pinned to the corner of the screen while toggling among other apps or working on the main screen of your device. Whether taking notes or watching a video in a meeting session, you can use the PiP mode to manage them on the same screen.

S Pen support: Sketch your ideas 

Click on your S pen and doodle your creative ideas on Notebook's dedicated Sketch Card with its artistic tools. You can switch between the tools to create beautiful sketches, or even hand-write your notes if you'd like to.

Go grab your device, sign up now, and get a 50% discount of up to $200 using the code NOTEBOOKSAMSUNG from our dedicated webpage on Notebook for Samsung devices, and let us know what you love the most. Happy note-taking!


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