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Zoho PageSense turns one: A trip down memory lane

From thought-provoking global movements to changing business landscapes—a whole lot can happen in one year. Exactly a year ago, we launched Zoho PageSense with our vision of...

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5 resolutions to boost your website conversions in 2019

New beginnings, new perspectives, 365 new days—the new year is a symbol of hope and optimism. This is the perfect time for businesses to reflect...

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What’s new in Zoho PageSense this quarter

It’s been a busy year for PageSense from the initial product launch, to improving the UX and adding new features. Great products are built on valuable...

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Zoho PageSense: Introducing Tagging in Session Recording

We’re happy to introduce Tags—PageSense’s latest Session Recording feature. With Tags, you can analyze recordings instantly and save the time and effort that goes into reviewing individual recordings. Now you can focus on learning about your visitors’ behavior and making...

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Announcing session recording, form analytics and goals in Zoho PageSense

Eight months after launching PageSense and tracking more than 35 million visitors, we’re happy to release the most requested feature from our users—session recording. Along with...

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Announcing Zoho PageSense for G Suite

Zoho PageSense the complete conversion rate optimization software is now available for G Suite users. Simply connect your Google account with Zoho PageSense to easily collaborate with your...

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We are updating Zoho PageSense’s terms of use

As part of our commitment to privacy and transparency, we’re updating our Terms of use. The updated terms of use focus on preventing the tracking of sensitive visitor data. The...

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5 Signs That Your Website Needs Conversion Rate Optimization

  If you’ve spent any time in marketing meetings, you’ve probably heard the term “Conversion Rate Optimization” get thrown around. Essentially, CRO improves your web page performance by increasing...

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Introducing Zoho PageSense: The Complete A/B Testing and Website Optimization Software

    We’re delighted to announce the launch of Zoho PageSense, the all-in-one CRO software which supports A/B testing, Heatmaps, and Funnel Analysis. Coupled with Zoho’s other sales...

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