Introducing Zoho Flow: An App Integration Platform Designed to Automate your Business

Today, there is an app for almost every business function. Using specialized apps can make your functions work really well by themselves, but for them to work together, you are going to need integrations. And most of the time, these integrations are too complex to build on your own.

Earlier, you either had to pay loads of money to experts who would build these integrations for you, or take the time to learn how to code and test integrations yourself. 

Now, you don't have to do either.

We are thrilled to announce the solution to all your integration complications: Zoho Flow, an integration platform that ties your apps together to set you free.

Zoho Flow lets you create workflows (or Flows as we call them) that connect cloud applications without having to write code. From moving info between apps to executing a complex business process, you can automate a whole range of tasks with Zoho Flow.

Creating a Flow is simple. You just set a trigger, add a series of actions, switch it on, and you're done! For example, you can create a Flow that triggers when a ticket is submitted to your help desk, then automatically adds or updates the lead in your CRM system, and sends an update to your team chat application.

Here is how you can use Zoho Flow to make your business more efficient:

Build quick and dynamic integrations

Zoho Flow's builder removes the hassle from building workflows. The drag-and-drop interface helps you bring your apps together within seconds, and gives you a flowchart view of the steps involved in your integration. It also includes handy editing tools so you can quickly adapt to workflow changes in your business.


Customize your workflows to detail

An efficient business needs extensive workflows. Use Zoho Flow's powerful logic elements to introduce if-then decision branches, execute tasks in tandem, or define time intervals between tasks. In order to fine-tune your workflows to custom business needs, you can create your own functions with Deluge, Zoho's easy-to-use scripting language.

Example of a comprehensive workflow on Zoho Flow

Automate workflows as a team

Many hands make light work. On Zoho Flow, you can collaborate to build workflows and share them across your organization. Add team members to your account, be part of multiple teams, and easily switch between them anytime.

Users Collaborate on automating workflows

Track your Flow history

Zoho Flow's history interface helps you dig through all your Flow executions to identify when and how problems occur.  It registers timestamps for each trigger and action involved in your Flows, keeping you informed about every detail.

Zoho Flow-History

Get valuable workflow insights 

The dashboard gives you a bird's eye view of all your business workflows, helping you analyze them from one place. You can view the list of top Flows in your account, the number of live, paused, and drafted Flows, their success rates, and other execution details.

Zoho Flow-Dashboard

Pick ready-to-use Flows from Gallery 

Zoho Flow hosts a comprehensive set of over 200 pre-built Flows, spanning the 100+ business applications that it supports. You can either install and use these Flows as they are, or make simple edits to tailor them to your needs.

Zoho Flow-Gallery

Power Zoho One with custom integrations

 Zoho Flow is being offered through the Zoho One bundle, opening up new possibilities for custom integrations. Also, now that Flow can power third-party integrations on Zoho, you don't have to compromise on the apps that you need for your business.

Zoho Flow pricing and availability

In addition to a free plan, Zoho Flow offers paid subscriptions starting at $10 per organization per month. Check out further details about our pricing plans here.

Sign up now to get started on automating your business the easy way.


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