Introducing the Global Holidays List: Welcome 2024 with a streamlined calendar!

Streamlining processes and saving time are key priorities in any organization. Every small optimization adds up to help your team work faster and more productively. That's why we're pleased to introduce the Global Holidays List feature, to automate the tedious task of aligning your forms with the holiday schedule. By seamlessly integrating holidays into date-related fields, Zoho Forms ensures that you have functional and user-friendly forms to simplify managing leave requests, scheduling events, or planning projects. Let's take a closer look at how this feature improves the efficiency of your scheduling workflows.

What is the Global Holidays List feature? 

Rather than setting up holiday lists for each form individually, this feature allows you to establish a global list that can be applied across multiple forms to save time and ensure consistency. Manage and update holiday data from a single source and apply the changes instantly across all your forms. This centralization not only saves time but also ensures consistency in holiday data across your organization.

How does it work? 

Let's look into how this feature helps you handle holiday data to customize and enhance user interaction.

1. Create a customized list

Craft a list of holidays tailored to your region or organization. Add national holidays, company-wide observances, or any other significant dates; it's your list, you make the rules!

2. Apply holidays consistently across forms

Once your Global Holiday List is created, effortlessly associate it with date and date-time fields in any form you design. Say goodbye to redundant setup tasks: It's a one-time effort that makes every form more efficient.

3. User-friendly calendars ready for use

When respondents interact with date or date-time fields, the calendar comes alive, marking holidays as disabled for selection. This provides an intuitive interface that ensures users choose suitable dates without needing to cross-reference separate calendars or wait for clarification from a manager.

Let's look at a few examples of how this feature can be helpful!

Human resources and leave management

Simplify the process of requesting and approving leave by integrating a Global Holidays List. Employees can easily plan their time off while accounting for official holidays to minimize conflicts and redundant requests. With a clear view of official holidays, employees can easily plan vacations, family time, or personal commitments and make the most of their time off. Managers can also use the list to anticipate peak leave periods and enable effective resource allocation and project planning.

Event planning and scheduling

Public holidays and significant dates can be potential stumbling blocks in event planning, leading to low attendance and logistical nightmares. For event planners, the Global Holidays List provides the visibility needed to ensure events don't conflict with these dates. This enables your team to optimize event attendance, take some of the stress out of the planning process, and devote more time and attention to the creative aspects of your events.

Project management

Project managers can use this feature to schedule project timelines while accounting for holidays that might affect team members' availability and delivery dates for final assets. This proactive approach helps set realistic expectations and avoid shifting deadlines that can cause frustration and cost overruns.

Multinational organizations

Global companies with offices in multiple countries can create region-specific holiday lists. Seamlessly create holiday lists tailored to each office location, ensuring that employees across the globe are aware of holidays relevant to their own region and collaborators in other locations. This helps foster unity across a diverse organizational culture.

Educational institutions

For schools and universities, calendars are intricate tapestries weaving together registration deadlines, exams, breaks, and a busy calendar of other events. In this situation, the Global Holidays List proves invaluable for coordinating schedules. Educational institutions can now easily align their academic calendars with public holidays.

The Global Holidays List is the one-stop solution for all your holiday data needs. Manage holidays from a single source, ensure consistency across forms, and create intuitive calendars that make planning and scheduling easier for your users. This is just the beginning. With Zoho Forms, you have the power to leverage all kinds of data, streamline your processes, and unlock the potential of your forms. Start exploring today and see how we can help improve your workflows.


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