Meet Zoho Forms' upgraded Theme Builder

We are incredibly excited to introduce the newly launched Zoho Forms Theme Builder. This has been a much-requested update, and we hope that with it we are headed towards offering our customers an even better quality of service.

zoho forms new theme builder

Since the upgraded builder is made for the people, we decided to lay the foundation of our initial design based on input given to us by the people and focus on one of the major design principles of engineering and computing: Empathy with users is the foundation of human-centered design.

So, with you—our user—in mind, we developed a form + theme builder that allows you to design the forms you envision without needing any coding or CSS knowledge.

We stuck to a clean and minimalist software design for our user interface, which also prevents software bloat and keeps you working at a quick pace.

themes builder user interface

Our older theme builder allowed you to customize about 50% of your forms. The updated builder raises that number to 75% customization opportunity/capacity, while keeping in mind quality over quantity and the versatile needs of every customer.

One of our major developments was giving you an additional resource to customize the aspect that makes the biggest impact on the look and feel of a form: the form background.

We partnered with Unsplash to provide users a well-curated selection of images you can use for your backgrounds without the hassle of paying royalties.

What is Unsplash?

Founded in 2013 as a humble Tumblr blog born out of the pain of finding great, usable imagery, Unsplash has quickly become the Internet's leading source of free usable images. It offers over one million free, high-resolution images brought to you by the world’s most generous community of photographers.

The entire Unsplash library of beautiful images can be accessed directly from the new Zoho Forms theme builder and used in any of your forms at no cost under the Unsplash license.

(We urge our users to remember to credit the artists for generously sharing their photographs with us when downloading the images off the Unsplash gallery. Good ethics is always cool, my friends.)

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Additional customization options

We also focused on the small changes that make a big impact. Our users can now choose from over 100 fonts. You can also customize individual elements of your form, like changing the color, size, style, and font of text in separate, individual sections of a form.

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You can add shadows and control the opacity of many stylistic features in your form.

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We've also introduced a whole new section in our theme builder so you can customize the subform.

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And a whole lot more.

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We hope that this upgrade and our future plans for Zoho Forms will only serve to better fulfill our purpose of satisfying you, our beloved users. Our goal is to create forms with designs that stand the test of time.

Hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, this is just the beginning.


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