Preparing your retail business for a unique holiday shopping experience in 2020


Holiday season always calls for unique sales strategies, and in 2020, store owners have to get even more creative than the previous years. This includes understanding the customer's mood, capturing their attention, offering a unique holiday shopping experience, and providing excellent customer service. Whether you are a new online seller who has recently shifted to the digital sphere, or an experienced online seller, here are a few tips that help you successfully reach your customers this year!

 1. Take orders online

To limit physical contact and ensure business continuity, many small and local businesses are adapting to taking their business online. Encouraging customers to buy online is a way of ensuring that your store is still available for service. Make it easier for customers to find you online, place orders, and stay connected with you digitally. Communicate via your web store about available stock, product information, pricing, expected delivery dates, and more. This type of shopping experience encourages repeated purchases.

Tips for new online sellers:

  • Create an easy-to-navigate website with clear and concise content. Applying festive themes to the webpages can also improve the customer experience.

  • Creating digital forms can be an easy and effective solution to collect orders, feedback, and return requests. These forms can be embedded in websites to communicate with your customers.

  • Spruce up your website with festive themes to reflect the holiday cheer. You can also make your logo festive, like having it wear a Santa hat or adding a snowflake.

2. Improve customer experience to stand out from the crowd

Want to make customers choose to shop with you rather than the competition? Shoppers will want to buy products from someone who creates a special experience for them all through the buying journey, which also encourages them to stay loyal to the brand. From the time they land on your website until they check out, offer a personalized experience to buyers.

You can also offer holiday services like gift wrapping and express deliveries to ensure you stand out from your competitors.

Pro tip: Use marketing automation tools to enhance this strategy and help your brand best target customers to provide that personalized experience.

3. Adjust your advertisement to fit the mood

Customers' mindsets and expectations aren't going to be the same this year as in past years. Conveying an empathetic message to your customers will help make this a productive season for your retail business. Listed below are a few examples of how you can bring the right tone to your advertisements this year.

  • User-Generated Content (UGC): Include photos, feedback, and ratings from your customers about after they purchased from you.

  • Behind-the-scenes clips: Release videos of your back offices or inventor or packaging demonstrating how a product comes to your store.

  • Timely promotions: Create promotions that display offers or discounts based on upcoming seasonal events. For example: Offer a 10% discount on toys collection during the run up to Christmas and a 15% discount on electronics during Black Friday.

4. Improve logistics management

Ecommerce orders during the holiday season can create a huge spike in demand for logistics. This increase in demand puts sellers under pressure to meet tight deadlines. Using the right logistics technology can help you to handle order fulfillment and breeze through the complexity of holiday sales.

 5. Improve in-store experience

Looking to open your physical store? You can still embrace this holiday season while ensuring a safe and touch-free shopping experience. Keep up-to-date with all local restrictions and guidelines to keep your staff and customers safe. Create a plan to ensure customers move around in a socially distanced manner, and help them finish shopping quicker with additional checkouts.

You should also clearly display discount banners and highlight the goods you want to sell. Allowing customers to spot this quickly, will help you direct customers to the right product more efficiently.

6. Make social channels shoppable

Social media gets busy and creative during festive times, and shoppers will be on the lookout for the best deals and brands. Use this opportunity to advertise goods to your target audience.

  • Schedule posts in advance: Producing as much content (blogs, infographics, videos, etc.) as you can in advance will save marketers tons of time when the holiday rush hits hard. When putting a social media calendar together, don’t be afraid to repurpose content, sharing the same assets across various channels.

  • Collaborate for co-promotion: Collaborate with other brands for social promotions, increasing visibility and followers on your social media platforms.

  • Post online order forms on social media: Allow followers to make purchase directly from social media. A simple form can be shared on your platform, allowing customers to place orders if they are intrigued by your campaign or advertisement.

  • Employ ads to gain shoppers: Many brands hyper-target ads to show them to the most relevant consumers. As this year, the majority of shopping will be digital, you want to attract the attention of your potential customers with digital advertisement strategies.

Wrap up your holiday business in style!

Holiday business is huge, more shoppers, more sales! In 2020, with customer preferences and economic situations changing, reach your customers safely by taking products to them via online shopping. Make adjustments to your marketing strategies to ensure a relevant and amazing customer experience!


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