A Tweet is a Quote


many corporate websites have you seen featuring customer quotes on the

home page? How about those quotes in press releases we see every day?

The quotes we see day to day from websites to press release are

obviously 'processed' by individuals or teams before they show up

publicly. They obviously are highlighted because the quote conveys

something good about the company.


question is, how authentic are these quotes? How many times did you try

to contact the person who was quoted on a website or an article or a

press release?

When a customer or a user is

willing to say something publicly, that becomes a quote. When this user

automatically compresses his opinions to less than 140 characters, it

is even better. This is basically what a tweet is. A Tweet is a quote

because it is a public statement coming directly from the user with no

marketing polish around it. While a quote becomes public after a

company approval, a tweet is the opposite. The best part is, you can

contact the person quoted for a followup discussion.


this in mind, we list tweets from our users as quotes. Obviously, we need an application to do this,

so what better application platform than Zoho Creator to build

something like this. So we quickly created a creator app that lists user's tweets on Zoho. We will soon publish this app in our marketplace.

My all time personal favorite though is this tweet from one of our users @chrismunns. It makes me chuckle.


can you imagine seeing something like this on a press release or a

website? But that is what makes it authentic. Because this is a tweet

coming from a live user, you can respond for a followup conversation.

This actually makes a Tweet better than a Quote.


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