Announcing: Zoho Wiki for Google Apps

Last week we introduced

Zoho Analytics for Google Apps marketplace
and it got an encouraging response. Thank you all for the installs, comments and the emails. Continuing our unveiling of 5 Zoho apps for Google Apps marketplace, we’re very pleased to present to you our app for this week –

Zoho Wiki for Google Apps



Zoho Wiki
, you can easily create online workspaces for content sharing within a group. Create personal / public / private team wikis and start collaborating with your project teams, clients & partners across the globe. No special technical knowledge is required to set up the wiki and you can get started within minutes.


Zoho Wiki – Google Apps Integration:


Zoho Wiki has several

integration points with Google products. Here are some highlights:

  • Single Sign On (SSO):

    Domain admins for Google Apps can add Zoho Wiki to their domain through

    Shop the marketplace
     link in Google Apps. Once Zoho Wiki app is
    added to the domain, all the users in that domain will have access to
    the service through Google’s Universal Navigation bar.

    Click on the app from the universal navigation bar to open Zoho Wiki in
    a new browser tab. The single sign on lets the users directly login

    to Zoho Wiki, thereby streamlining the workflow for both Google Apps and Zoho Wiki.

  • Attach Google Docs in Zoho Wiki:

    Zoho Wiki integrates with Google Docs as well. You can add more value
    to the wiki page by attaching the relevant Google Document(s) to the page.

  • Share the wiki to your Google Apps users:

    Sharing your Zoho Wiki with other Google Apps users is a breeze, thanks
    to the tighter integration between Zoho Wiki and Google Apps. You can create targeted workspaces for knowledge sharing, e.g., organizations can create
    different workspaces for each team or project.  Each workspace acts as
    an independent and fully customizable portal. Once you have created
    your workspace, you can invite all the stakeholders too. It doesn’t
    stop with sharing, you can assign permissions for users as to who can
    edit the document, who can just view and who can comment.

  • Google Gadgets integration:

    Zoho Wiki also allows you to personalize the dashboard page with Google
    gadgets. You can make your content a lot more interesting by adding
    widgets like,
  • Google Translate
  • Google Photos
  • Your favorite iGoogle gadgets
  • Google Analytics code to track website statistics
  • Google Custom Search option


much more

Take a look at this Zoho Show slideshow to know more about the integration.

Do give

Zoho Wiki for Google Apps
 a spin and let us know your feedback. We’ll meet you next Tuesday with yet another app for the Google Apps Marketplace. Till then, adios 🙂


4 Replies to Announcing: Zoho Wiki for Google Apps

  1. Zoho keeps getting better :)A video Demo would have been more useful though, as you guys make good ones.Trying it now..

  2. Zoho keeps getting better :)A video Demo would have been more useful though, as you guys make good ones.Trying it now..

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