At Zoho Academy, We're Still Thinking about Your Ecommerce Site

In April, Zoho launched its ecommerce platform. It's called Commerce Plus; and—because it's integrated with our other business applications—it offers online merchants both a front end and a back end. We're talking website, inventory, shipping, finance, customer support, site analytics, and more. If you'll allow us an understatement, we're thrilled about our newest offering.  

Of course, setting up an ecommerce site comes with its own set of questions and challenges; so we wanted to do more than offer you an extraordinary platform: We wanted to support you in every step of the process. That's why—in tandem with our product launch—Zoho Academy published an ebook about building an ecommerce website. There, we focused on the questions you'd have around initial setup—from choosing a payment gateway, to deciding what to charge for shipping, to choosing a carrier, to setting up analytics, to essential ecommerce integrations. We also walked you through setting up your legal documents: your shipping policyReturns & Refunds policyprivacy policy, and Terms & Conditions 

But now it's time to think about your products. They're the heart of your business, after all; and you want to market them as deliberately and effectively as possible. And that means paying attention to two essential website elements: your product photography and your product copy.

In fact, these elements are so essential that we've written an entire ebook for each one.

After an introduction, our product photography ebook dives into the following topics:

  1. - Getting your equipment together for DIY product photography
  2. - Taking product photographs that score conversions
  3. - Editing product images to make them website-ready
  4. - Optimizing your product images for great SEO
  5. - Examples of powerful product photography

Our ebook on product copy also opens with an introduction, and then examines: 

  1. - Finding the best keywords for your online shop
  2. - Knowing the characteristics of a stellar keyword
  3. - Best practices for keyword placement
  4. - Writing product descriptions that drive conversions
  5. - Using psychology on product pages to increase sales
  6. - Examples of stellar product copy

As is our manner at Zoho Academy, we dive deep in this content, because we want you to get the most out of your commerce software. You'll get best practices, examples, and critiques of other websites.

You don't have to use Commerce Plus to get value out of these ebooks: We want you to flourish regardless of the technology you're using. So dive in... and take a look at the other ebooks and workbooks up on Zoho Academy while you're at it. We've got plenty of content to help you make your business better.

And we're just getting started.


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