Cost of Running Your Business on Zoho

Edwin Boender has a post titled 'Better than Google Apps?'. He's just discovered Zoho and he appreciates all we have on offer.

Sometimes you just get dumbfounded when finding out new features on the web. Last week I found An online application provider, providing productivity, business and collaboration apps. Almost any common application is provided by Zoho. And Zoho’s pricing for individuals is free, just like Google Apps. The thing is; you get a bunch more of apps comparing to Google. From CRM to a Project app and from a marketplace

to a database app.

Edwin then comments about our pricing,

When you are looking for professional edition the pricing method seems fuzzy. For every app you need to pay a certain amount per user per month. Sudden[ly] the cloud app doesn’t seem to be that cheap.

'What does it cost me?' Edwin and all small and medium businesses (SMBs) evaluating Zoho as their solution have this question on their minds. We take pride in offering a transparent pricing model. Clicking on the Pricing link at the top of any of Zoho's service pages will get you our pricing plans. The embedded Zoho Sheet below is to illustrate what the subscription costs are for businesses with 10, 25 and 100 employees.

This should have given you some perspective. For example, if your organization has 100 employees, you spend around $19 per employee per month for using all the functionality that the integrated Zoho services offer (note that this is just a sample calculation and your exact costs may vary).

Zoho's services are available à la carte and you can pick them based on your business needs. Since all Zoho services are offered under monthly subscription plans, you pay as you go and there's no initial cost involved. If you subscribe annually, you get discounts for most of Zoho's services too. All this should make Zoho an attractive solution to run your business on.

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