Can Small Businesses Benefit from Custom Software Apps?

Every business can benefit from custom software applications, regardless of the service or product it offers. However, if you are a small business, spending on the right applications is particularly crucial due to a tighter IT budget and being more vulnerable in the dynamic corporate world. This could lead to conflict about whether you should spend on generic desktop software or custom web software.

To resolve this conflict, we look at the key performance indicators of any business: the data about its customer-practices and business process management. What the organization has learned about its customers and how effectively it uses this data to provide better and relevant solutions to its users is what keeps them on the charts. In such data-centric times, an organization’s data is distributed across various inevitable software solutions it uses: CRM, accounting applications, project management, inventory management and resource allocation, support ticket management, enterprise resource planning, revenue, expense and commission trackers and much more. That means multiple copies of data are stored at multiple locations, leading to ineffective usage of resources. What if all the data pertaining to your customers could be stored at a central location, and all the custom software applications you use could access the data relevant to them? What if all these software solutions could communicate with one another, effortlessly?

Well, this is possible if the applications are from the same vendor and hosted online. But it is more about picking from the lot, those applications that best suit your business. Why insist on appropriate ones, and not generic ones? Because not all businesses are run alike. Each has unique use-cases, and thus needs unique applications for each requirement. Generic software applications are almost always full of compromises. You end up paying for more than what you actually use. This is one good reason why you should consider building your tools, yourself. Building custom applications using web application building platforms is more beneficial than settling for ready-made software. Customization not only costs a lot less, but it also speaks your language. Not all of us are programmers, after all. What stops you now? Get started with custom apps today!


4 Replies to Can Small Businesses Benefit from Custom Software Apps?

  1. Custom software makes your small business more efficient. This custom software is priced specifically for small businesses. Even for small businesses that plan on creating their own custom applications in-house, cloud computing offers real benefits. Thanks.

  2. @mgboydcom,I appreciate you for having taken up custom app-building. To assist you with API's, we could do with details like what software application you are using. Would you like to trigger a discussion on our forum? The active developer community would help you with suggestions.

  3. Thanks for the pep up/encouragement. I am really keen to get started but find the most difficult thing is to how to get my software to read a line item in a database and use the data results, eg. goal conversion rate from a google analytics report. Using apis to populate the software widget/tools is the big barrier for my custom application success.

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