It’s certainly encouraging when the first day of the year starts with an article that names you as one of the best software in the space the previous year.

Dion Hinchcliffe in his recent artcle named Zoho Suite as the best Office 2.0 Suite. In his words…

The Office 2.0 phenomenon become a true reality this year as just about any kind of business application could be found in a purely browser version. Zoho has been diligently releasing product and product this year and now has entire online productivity suite that has a word processor, spreadsheet, wiki, project management, presentation, contact management, and much more. While you can find the individual pieces from various other Web apps, Zoho provides a nice integrated, one-stop package that is very reminiscent of Microsoft Office. Microsoft and Google have been slow to get fully into this space and it may very well end up that smaller players establish dominance in an area that most expected the Big Two would dominate in this space. And an important space it is too: Online apps ultimately will be where our software and data is for most users, and establishing leadership in this product space with the Web as the only major new software paltform on the horizon is a major open opportunity.

As Dion puts it, we are moving towards a complete online productivity suite with all our releases in 2006. In his previous article for 2005, Zoho Writer (we only had one product then) came in as a runner-up. We are glad to graduate to the winner slot this time. All the credit goes to our stellar development team. Look forward for a more interesting 007.

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