Easy->Trivial, Difficult->Easy, Complicated->Possible

Brainpipe has reviewed Zoho Creator. The below one was truly encouraging which the creator team strived for.

"Zoho Creator makes it remarkably easy to create very simple tracking applications, and parent-child relationships are handled so well you don’t even need to know what that means to use it."

If you take any product feature it could fall under some range in the spectrum of - easy, difficult or complicated. Our objective, here at zoho, was to make the "easy" to "trivial", "difficult" should be "easy", and bring the impossible or "complicated" stuff "possible". Every thing web based. In zoho creator context, it means

1. Creating simple forms or views in page should be "trivial"

2. Relating multiple forms or creating views across multiple data to build a custom page should be fairly "easy"

3. Transforming application data to show based on user needs and evaluating complicated workflows (rules and tasks), schedules, etc using a scripting language should become "possible"

We have long way to our Zoho Creator goals; we have just attempted to make it "trivial" for creating simple forms and views. And trying to make it "easy" to build custom pages. More to come..



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