Featured Zoho User – Craig Cmehil

We had Barry Dahl as the featured Zoho user earlier. Continuing the series, we have today, Craig Cmehil. Craig is a Community Evangelist at SAP and involved in the SAP developer network (SDN). Craig is so fond of Zoho that he mentions us atleast once every couple of days in his blog! Visit his blog and scrolling down, see the ‘Categories’ in the right panel. You will see around 40 posts tagged Zoho! His latest post mentions him along with his friends using Zoho Planner to plan his trips.

Craig Cmehil, flanked by Sridhar Vembu & Raju Vegesna at the Office 2.0 Conference

Zoho is part of Craig’s everyday activities. Craig is so into Zoho Creator that he created (perfected actually, after 3 tries) his own roadmap for Zoho. One of upcoming SAP’s developer network conferences is happening at Bangalore and Craig is asking for presentation invites. And of course, he’s doing that on a form hosted by Zoho Creator. He also has a book library, a contact list and according to an email from him, a “10 min” app which he has been using multiple times a day.

Craig says he’s using Zoho Sheet to track his finances. He had used Zoho Show for an SDN presentation at a SAP conference. And he has his resume hosted on Zoho Writer.

If you are a Zoho user like Craig or Barry, please do write to us (you can mail me at aravind(at)zoho.com) about how you are using Zoho.

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