Foundation Zoho: Another Book on Zoho

General | October 23, 2009 | 1 min read

Ali Shabdar, one of Zoho users came up with a great new book on Zoho titled Foundation Zoho: Work and Create Online. It is currently available on Amazon for $19.79.

According to Ali, this is what the book is about…

  • How to use as an at home and work office and productivity tool. Work but have fun as well.
  • What Cloud Computing is and how it is important and is used in practice.
  • Adopt as your daily business and at home
  • Do it yourself (DIY) solutions, that requires little or no technical knowledge nor is support required.
  • See
    how Zoho can play a key role in the future of business applications, to
    increase productivity and collaboration, while at the same time
    minimizing and all but eliminating costs and overhead.
  • How to use all of the major Zoho applications; and how to incorporate them into daily activities.
  • How to increase productivity and collaboration in business using these applications.
  • How to be more productive in using Zoho itself, by learning shortcuts, tips, and miscellaneous tools and plugins.
  • Extending to your iPhone or Microsoft Office and much more…

We are very happy to see more books on Zoho. Previous books on Zoho include Zoho 4 Everyone and Zoho For Dummies. We’d like thank Ali for his contribution. 

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