Getting your things done with Zoho Planner

Zoho Planner can be seen in different ways - as an online ToDo list, a personal organizer, an online calendar for marking your appointments, your task manager, a friendly planner or whatever you look it as.

In addition to maintaining your ToDo lists, the latest update allows you to schedule appointments, has support for sending reminder mails for important tasks you would want to be reminded of & offers timezone support too. The last one comes particularly handy if you are a frequent flyer between timezones, allowing you to get your reminder emails correctly.

Zoho Planner is a tremendous asset for lawyers, doctors and other professionals who want to maintain their appointments with their clients. You can use it as your calendar for scheduling appointments. No software to install & it being accessible from a browser of any PC online, makes it even more powerful & flexible. Moreover, its free, shareable & very easy to use too.

Try the new Zoho Planner. Happy planning & organizing yourselves online.


The Zoho Planner Team


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