J. Murali writes about Zoho at ‘The Hindu’

'The Hindu' is India's National newspaper & it was a pleasant surprise seeing a detailed writeup on Zoho in it today morning. J. Murali's 'Netspeak' column is a great resource for all tech savvy people. Murali distinguishes himself in writing about the latest & best advances on the internet. From the article :

The Zoho service (http://www.zoho.com/) hosts a wide array of collaboration applications (both free and priced). Through several office applications, it is trying to gain some foothold in the highly competitive web-based office suite segment. The free product, web-based wordprocessor ZohoWriter (https://www.zoho.com/docs/writer.html?/), developed for creating/sharing documents on-line, is one of its kind. It has almost all the features found on similar products (like Writely).

Another office-suite component worth a mention is the ZohoSheet, an on-line worksheet package. The product allows you to create/share spreadsheets in your browser. It supports facilities such as graph creation tool and mathematical functions like LCM, sum, log, sumsq (for sum of the squares of a set of numbers) and sqrt.

In addition, you can upload an Excel file on to the Zoho's server and access it from anywhere. Zoho Polls, for instant launching of on-line opinion polls, is yet another useful product from Zoho. Its free on-line poll service enables you to float a poll application with a few mouse clicks.

Besides providing you a page for your poll, the service allows you to embed the poll on to your web site or blog. Zoho hosts several other services such as Zoho Creator and Zoho Planner.

It was nice meeting up with Murali at the recently held BarCamp Chennai (as reported here).


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