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Zoho Creator went Live some ten days back. I suggest everyone to take a look at the tag cluster to get an idea of what purposes it can serve. I expected to find normal databases for managing expenses, CRM and so forth. But users have created (thankfully, public :) ) applications that help in a wide variety of tasks such as managing book lists, tracking recruitments and even a weight tracker! The homepage of Zoho Creator actually suggests what applications might be appropriate for whom.

Similar minds, rejoice, for, you can not only copy existing applications created by a random user (saviour, rather) but also create an application using existing templates. Given that this is all web-based, there might be a time in the near future when every application you wanted to create was already thought of by someone else and hence already exists. Like how most researchers feel these days. Although, unlike researchers, it is encouraging to know that someone has already thought of an application that you wanted to build. Very much in keeping with, "Share and Share alike is fair".


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