Sales Presentation using Zoho Show

Here is the sample sales presentation which embeds charts from Zoho Sheet & forms from Zoho Creator. Please fill your feedback in the form embedded in the presentation after seeing the presentation.

Steps followed ( Just 5 simple steps to follow ) :

1. Create chart using Zoho Sheet.

2. On mouse over in chart, you can see "Publish" option. Click on that to publish your chart.

3. A HTML code snippet will be given in the popup. Copy that HTML code snippet in Zoho Sheet

4. In Zoho Show slide, click on "Insert HTML" toolbar button ( <> ). In the popup, paste the HTML code snippet copied from Zoho Sheet.

5. Close the popup & you will see the chart embedded in your Presentation.

You can follow similar steps in Zoho Creator to embed the form in your presentation.

Try using Zoho Show for your next presentation & share your experience with us.


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