Small Business Relief: Zoho Introduces Emergency Assistance Program 

We can see that times are tough right now. The coronavirus has triggered a severe economic disruption that could create significant changes in the global economy. For nearly 25 years, we have built our company by serving small businesses. We are sensitive to the particular challenges that small businesses currently face. Beyond the financial burden, we see the emotional toll as well. To put it simply, there is nothing easy about any of this.

As a bootstrapped business, we truly owe our customers everything. Having been in business for this long, we know how hard it can be to survive tough times and downturns. One reason we made it through those difficult times was because we had customers that stood by us. We feel it is only right that we now return the favor and stand by our customers. We believe the only way through a crisis is together.

Today we're announcing the Small Business Emergency Subscription Assistance Program (ESAP) to help our small business customers who have been affected by the economic disruption. The ESAP will give current small business customers the Zoho software they currently use for three months free. We plan to help up to 20,000 businesses and organizations worldwide.

In addition to the ESAP, we have also launched Zoho Remotely to help businesses and organizations enable remote work. Zoho Remotely is a suite of communication, collaboration, and productivity applications. It will be free for all businesses until July 1, 2020.

A Message from Zoho Co-Founder and CEO Sridhar Vembu

Program Details

The ESAP is for Zoho's small business customers with 25 employees, or fewer, who are being severely affected by the economic disruption. The program covers all Zoho applications customers currently use.

To apply for the ESAP, please follow this link to fill out an application. We will review your application and then decide. Once approved, we will look at your current subscription and grant you Zoho Wallet credits equivalent to three months of your bill. You may then use the Wallet credits at your discretion. Before applying, please take a moment and consider if you really need this. If you don't need this program and apply anyway, you will likely be taking assistance from an organization that does.


5 Replies to Small Business Relief: Zoho Introduces Emergency Assistance Program 

  1. We are a small business of 11 employees - a 6 months startup and according to the criteria, we don't qualify because we have been a zoho customer for less than 12 months - the first thing we did as a startup was register with zoho because we had used the system in our last employ. The startups will be more affected than businesses established for over a year - is our only option to cancel our subscription and use remotely for free?

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