Sync Zoho CRM Contacts & Calendar with Google Apps - Take 2

Just last Friday we announced sync between Zoho CRM’s Contacts and Calendar with Google Apps.

Many of our Zoho for Google Apps customers had been asking us for this functionality, so we knew it was going to be well received.  However, we disappointed many happy customers when we included this only in our Enterprise edition.

Lots of people commented about this in our blogs, forums and directly to us on email. They were disappointed we didn’t include it on the Professional edition of CRM. 

Google Apps customers expect our integrations to work seamlessly. And we want to have the best and most used CRM in the Google Apps Marketplace. So today we’re enabling this functionality to both Enterprise and Professional customers. If you are a Zoho CRM for Google Apps customer and have the Professional Edition, you should be able to see this functionality in just a couple hours at the most.

From now on, our approach is going to be that any Google Apps integration feature we create will be made available across all of our paid editions.  We want to differentiate our paid editions on what you can do with them (i.e. Workflow, Data Administration, Security and many other benefits) and not on the depth of the Google Apps integration.

In addition, for those customers that already upgraded to Enterprise just to get this feature, we will gladly return you to your original plan and give you a refund. So if you want to take us upon the refund, please contact us at and we’ll take care of you.

You asked, we listened. We thank you very much for your feedback. 


ps. If you like Zoho CRM for Google Apps (including the Contacts & Calendar sync part) please write a review in the Google Apps Marketplace


35 Replies to Sync Zoho CRM Contacts & Calendar with Google Apps - Take 2

  1. I am looking for a call manager which has a dial out feature built in or any recommendation of how to do dial out calls? One person shop calling on about 3000 leads. Any recommendations? tks, rob

  2. If this is the case, why do I need to upgrade just to be able to sync with iPhone contacts? I see this functionality is only available when I upgrade to the 15GB edition.

  3. Yo Zoho, just wanted to let you know I was gonna look elsewhere for CRM but when I saw that you listened to your customer feedback and integrated the contacts sync without forcing the most expensive plan (finally), I decided to get a paid edition.So, happy to see respectful customer service, keep doing the good job !

  4. I have the free plan. According to the documentation there's supposed to be a "Save to Google Calendar" option for new events." rel="nofollow"> can't find this option anywhere on the events page. Has it been removed as part of the sync calendar upgrade or is it still supposed to be there? It's critical for me to be able to continue evaluating Zoho.ThanksElliot

  5. @Frederik RosseelHey Frederik,I started a blog (thread) in the Zoho forums. I posted a possible solution to your problem/challenge. am hoping that all persons/users who are interested in making the Zoho 'Google Contacts Sync.' a better experience can share their solutions and challenges at the above link.--mark

  6. Too bad it duplicated all my contacts in both Google and Zoho.In Google it was easy to remove all duplicates in one shot...

  7. WOW! This is great!! I also complained to you about the fact that this only was for Enterprise user!!
    Great listening to your customers!!! Thanks!

  8. Great work - I also agree with Mark above both for a manual sync as well as different google groups. Employees usually have personal contacts that they or we do not want to be imported into Zoho CRM.

  9. Zoho,1) Address synchronization from Zoho to Google Contacts only synchronizes the 'street address' field in Zoho to the 'address' field in Google Contacts. There is no synchronization from Zoho to Google Contacts for the 'city', 'state', and 'zip' fields.2) It would be nice if the 'Zoho Sync. Contacts' feature had a synchronization button for manual synchronization. Since I am experimenting and trying to optimize the synchronization feature, it is frustrating to have to wait (a minimum) of 24 hours just to find out that my information did not synchronize.3) I would also like the ability to setup multiple (different) synchronizations, so that I can synchronize to different Google Groups. Currently you have allowed for only one (1) synchronization to be setup and used.Zoho: I truly appreciate all of your work. I love the Google Contacts Synchronization. However, it does need some slight improvements. Remember, many of your users/customers are early adopters and experimenting with the usefulness of this product. I am NOT currently recommending Zoho synchronization to my clients. However, if the above stated issues are resolved, I would with out question be able to drive significant business in your direction.My clients will have a great demand for your product once the above issues are resolved, and even more so when Google+ launches to the Google Apps users in the coming months.Much Respect & Deepest Regards,

  10. Why am greatful to be a Zoho Alliance Partner. Because of all the above reasons. They listen to customers which is entirely in line with our overall strategy at intellisoftplus

  11. Very sad that you as a paid subscriber you do not have the capability to dedupe your contacts and leads.

  12. Thanks Zoho. Great response to customer feed back.
    Our business is not currently in a position to upgrade to Enterprise version, but will be sticking with Zoho Professional because of your continued improvements.

  13. Zoho:You need to seriously be thinking about fixing the synchronization issues listed above. Google+ could be the best opportunity that Zoho has every had. It could possibly 10x your business in just a matter of months once it comes available to Google GApps users. This is some serious opportunity. Currently no other company is doing what you are doing!!

  14. I have noticed a few things that would be nice to have in GApps Contact Synchronization.1) Zoho can send (synchronize) both the First Name and Last Name Fileds in Zoho to the Name Field in Google Contacts. Currently only the Last name, or First name can be synchronized.2) That I can press a button to synchronize to Zoho & Google Contacts at any time, not just once a day (on Zoho's Schedule). Or, at least offer synchronization every hour.If Zoho could offer frequent synchronization (when I wanted). This would be worth paying extra for. -- also, fix the full name synchronization issue.Any robust (serious) CRM would have this synchronization functionality. If Google+ for GApps comes available in the next few months, Zoho users will want to have this functionality.

  15. Would you consider making some other functionality available in the professional edition? Such as overwriting imported contacts? This seems like a very basic type of functionality.

  16. My contacts in Google Apps looks like this:
    ??????? ,45
    ?? ???????
    89138181545 - Рабочий
    89138181545 - Мобильный
    ??????? ,45
    work - Карта
    ?150, (0,5)*2250, ????. (2,5) 900
    ?????? ??? ?? ?????.
    And such a problem when publishing the form on the site, what support I have already written. : (
    Language - Russian

  17. Thanks Zoho so very much!I am so deeply pleased that you have actually listened to your customers. Wow! You are truly a different kind of company! Thank you for including Google contacts integration for your Professional customers too! I am always being asked for cloud based CRM recommendations, and I am glad that I will be able to continue to recommend Zoho. Great job - this is a wonderful product.

  18. Thank you! this is a great add-on for our small business. We were very disheartened when it was only available for Enterprise, but our professional edition prayers have now been answered!

  19. Fantastic! So thrilled that Zoho has listened to their customers and brought this functionality to all paid users. Very happy

  20. @Neil,
    i) No, you have to configure the sync.
    ii)Once you configure the sync option as mentioned in the below help page, then based on the frequency selected in the configuration, it will sync up the data between Zoho CRM and Google Apps." rel="nofollow"> the above page, you can find the link for Synchronizing Google Contacts and Events.iii) As of now, two way sync is available for Contacts and one way sync ( Google to Zoho or Zoho to Google) for Calendar. We will support the two way sync for Calendar also in very near feature.Please feel free to post your questions, if any.Thanks & Regards,

  21. Wow... You guys really are responsive to your customers. Well done Zoho! I'm on the free plan now, but I might just think about upgrading... :)

  22. That's a very positive step. It will make the difference for some of my smaller SME clients that would not be interested in having a CRM at the cost of Enterprise version, but could be tempted by Professional edition.Thanks Zoho!

  23. Great news Zoho! A couple questions related to this integration...1. Will the integration happen automatically for Google Apps users?
    2. How will this occur? If I create a new task or calendar event in Zoho CRM will it automatically show up in my Google Calendar?
    3. Is there a reverse integration in which I can coordinate something in Google and it appears in my Zoho CRM platform?I might be missing some other questions and would like to hear more insight...thanks!

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