ToDo Lists - Inking them on Paper Vs Having them Online

Anne Zelenka has a nice debut post at Web Worker Daily. She lists the advantages of having one's todo lists on paper compared to having them on an online personal organizer. Liked the comment that one Mr. Peter Bell made there :

I used pen and paper for a long time and still do while “on the move”, but I find a simple Notepad/Textmate style to do list invaluable. Why?- I can always read my typing - not always true about my writing

- I can easily re-order tasks which I almost always have to do. Try re-ordering 30 tasks on a piece of paper - ten times. Then trying doing the same using cut and paste on a laptop . . .

- I can find tasks by keyword so I can afford to have plenty of “some day” tasks and just find them via search.

- I can easily save my historic “done” tasks - again for searching by project or other key words down the line.

The above's true for Zoho Planner too. I have tried the yellow sticky notes before but it didn't work for me. Too many of them cluttered my work place and I found them impossible to organize. All tools have their own advantages & disadvantages. Like you can use the Notepad/Textmate when offline (with Zoho Planner it aint possible) but you would need your laptop always for accessing them.


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