Web Services + Software: Engineering Elegance

Did you notice the quote 'Web Services + Software: Engineering Elegance' in our www.zoho.com home page? I am not sure how many people really understood the meaning of this or even cared to think about it. If you are someone like me, you would have probably ignored as some marketing junk.

There is certainly a powerful message behind the statement. What does this mean? Simply put, for every Zoho Service you see listed in Zoho.com, you'll see a product along with it and for every product, you'll see a service for it.

This means, a product like Zoho Virtual Office will also be available as an online service and a service like Zoho Writer will also be available as a product (....and it doesnt just stop with that :)).

Both Service and Product have their own advantages and disadvantages. Not all are happy with just one. With this model, we let users pick service/product, whichever meets their needs.

I would rephrase it as 'Web Services + Software : Zoho'



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