Zoho Academy Wants to Help You Get Your Ecommerce Site Up and Running

Last week, Zoho launched its newest product, Commerce Plus: an ecommerce platform that draws on the integrated strengths of our other business applications to support the full range of your ecommerce needs—from website, to inventory, to shipping, to finance, to customer support, to site analytics. It's both the front end and the back end—a rare bird in the ecommerce industry.

We believe that an unprecedented set of tools should be accompanied by an unprecedented set of content. After all, we want to suppport our users—indeed, all software users—in as many ways as possible. Commerce Plus has given us the opportunity to create a comprehensive set of ebooks about running an ecommerce business. The first of them is now up, and ready for you.

Our approach at Zoho Academy is to answer the questions a help desk can't hold. When it comes to setting up shop, user guides, community forums, and webinars are crucial in ensuring you use your commerce software to its fullest extent. But you also have questions that go beyond the tools and technology. You want examples and best practices. You need guidance on the questions that there aren't straight answers for—the things for which there's no "one right way" to proceed. We're here for the questions that don't have boilerplate answers, so you can discover what's best for your business.

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store that you're moving online, you already run an online shop but are ready to up your game, or this is your first foray into commerce, our first ebook—Building Your Ecommerce Website—is for you. After an Introduction to Ecommerce, it covers:

1. Choosing the Best Payment Gateway for Your Ecommerce Business

2. Deciding What to Charge Your Customers for Shipping

3. Estimating Shipping Costs and Choosing a Carrier

4. Writing Your Best Ecommerce Shipping Policy

5. Writing a Returns & Refunds Policy that Gets Conversions and Customer Loyalty

6. Setting up Ecommerce Analytics and Knowing what Metrics to Track

7. Writing Your Ecommerce Privacy Policy

8. Creating the Terms & Conditions for Your Ecommerce Site

9. Essential Integrations for Your Ecommerce Site

As always, you don't have to use Commerce Plus to get value out of this content. We want to help your business thrive regardless of your software choice. To that end, we have plenty of other ebooks to answer your questions about market research, brand positioning, business blogs, and more... as well as hands-on workbooks for topics such as designing your company logo and mapping users' journeys on your website. And we're hard at work on our second ebook in the commerce series—How to Market Products on Your Ecommerce Site—which will be ready for you in just a few weeks.

Commerce is changing; and we want to help you stay in the game. So dive in, jump around to the topics that interest you, or start at the beginning and let us lead you through the more challenging steps of this journey.


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