Zoho Corp: Celebrating 15 Years of Success

Zoho Corp is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

began our journey in 1996 as ‘Advent Network Management Inc’ and
reinvented ourselves to become ‘AdventNet Inc’ and most recently ‘Zoho
‘. We started offering products in a niche market (Web NMS), built a profitable business, re-invested in engineering to enter a larger market (ManageEngine), built a successful division and then entered the Business, Productivity & Collaboration market (Zoho). All along, we built this company with no external funding. We bootstrapped ourselves into a profitable business with over 1500 employees across 3 divisions.

During these 15 years, we have seen several economic bubbles and busts, several companies come and go, many companies acquired, but we stayed true to our goal of building a long-term business. In other words, unlike many companies you see here in silicon valley with a ‘built-to-flip’ model, we have built a business with long term culture.

As Sridhar says

“We built this business to run it, not run away from it”
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, employees, partners, well wishers and the entire Zoho ecosystem for continued support. We will continue to innovate and we are going to be around. 

Thank You!


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  1. Congratulations to you.....i hope that Zoho continues to be a very good and creative company.Greetings from Medellín Colombia

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