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We are seeing Zoho gain good popularity among various cross sections of the net. Vinnie Mirchandhani, in a recent post of his has some good things to say about us. Some excerpts :

His [Sridhar's] view towards customers is epitomized in the quote from Gandhi on his site. His pricing philosophy is summarized in the guest column he wrote a few weeks ago. He sponsors Jambav a site aimed at kids for special needs. He hires teenage kids who realistically have zero hope of ever going to college and ever being hired by India's services firms, and encourages them to code and test.

Ok, so he probably will never approach YouTube's valuation and media appeal. But it sure is a treat to meet an entrepreneur who marches to a different beat. Customer before investor. R&D before marketing. Values before valuation.

Lee Lalka, a teacher from Korea has made good use of Zoho Show. He has got a couple of nice slide shows made up in his site, "The Wisdom Tree". Look for the "What are you thankful for? Presentation" and "Thanksgiving Food - Presentation" links in this page.

Thomas McMahon in his "Blog on a Stick" blog is using Zoho Creator for tracking his bugs.

I’ve started a bug tracker application to keep all the bugs, and feature requests, for my Firefox themes in one place. My goal is to not miss out on any requests. Check out the full bug tracker or the quick submit bug form.Basically, just fill in a few fields, hit submit and I’ll be notified via email. It’s that easy. It’s even got a developer comments area where I can respond to any issues.

Ashish, in his Life 2.0 blog, finds Zoho Sheet perform much better than Google Spreadsheets.

I started with Zoho Sheet, since spreadsheets are my preferred format for documentation over plain (or formatted) text. The first thing that struck me was just how much more responsive it felt as compared to Google Spreadsheets. I had learned to ignore the lag I felt in Spreadsheets as a compromize for using a web app over a desktop one and expected the same, if not more from Sheet. Not done, the Chennai guys seem to believe. Zoho Sheet genuinely feels and responds as smoothly as a Microsoft Excel on my desktop!

He feels Zoho Writer is a tad slow though compared to Google Docs. Thanks Ashish, for doing the performance test and nice write-up. We will definitely be improving our performance as regards Zoho Writer to match, if not exceed our competitor's. And thanks to Vinnie (and Zoli for arranging the meet), Thomas & Lee too!!


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