Zoho Recruit: Extract Resumes from Email Attachments

At Zoho Recruit, we understand the difficulties and challenges of recruiting. Extracting resumes manually from email attachments and transferring them into the resume database can be tiresome and time consuming. Today, we are pleased to announce a new feature “Resume Inbox”, that will make resume processing easier for you. This feature is courtesy our integration with the good folks at


Rchilli’s Resume Inbox parses multiple resumes automatically from your email attachments, and transfers the candidates details directly into Zoho Recruit. This eliminates manual processing of resumes, which in turn increases productivity. All the resume attachments that come to your email can now be easily tracked into Zoho Recruit –

Applicant Tracking System

. There’s no more switching back and forth between your email client and resume database.

Now, let’s take a look at the quick and simple steps to extract resumes from email attachments:

Configure Multiple Email Accounts

By setting the POP details, you can extract the incoming resume attachments from multiple email accounts like Zoho Mail, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. This one time setup saves you valuable time in switching between your email client and Zoho Recruit.

Mapping Fields

You can choose to extract the required candidate information from the email attachment, and map fields accordingly. With Resume Inbox, you can not only parse the attachments and candidate details, but the entire email including the content, to, from, subject, etc.

View Parsed and Failed Resume

Once the process of resume parsing is done, you can view the details of the successfully parsed and failed resumes (Parsed date, Name of Resume, Error Description and Source).


The system automatically generates a daily report and sends it via email.

Give this new feature a


and let us know what you think. Your feedback will help us improve our product.

Happy Recruiting!


3 Replies to Zoho Recruit: Extract Resumes from Email Attachments

  1. This software is "almost there"!
    There are things that would make it pretty and user friendly.I have used CAPS and PCrecruiter and help design...
    Love to help make this a good competitor.My resume parser always misses addresses?
    and it seems as though it is set up for worldwide but you can't drill down states and cities in the US...Zip code search would be nice too.Just don't make it too overbearing...we just want a product that recruiters can use...without all the worthless features other softwares put on that no one uses.
    Key features:
    1.Job Posting
    2.Good Resume parser (with online resume uploader, and outlook integration)
    3.Good Resume search with additional drill down options
    4. Candidate/interview tracking
    5. Client tracking - calls, interviews, placements,etc.

  2. Am I right in thinking that this app only works by configuring your email acccount to take all attachments and import them?Is there any plans for an outlook add on to allow the user to manually import resumes one email at a time.ThanksAdrian

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