Zoho ToDo has you covered: Task management meets privacy and security

Task management tools have seen it all, from grocery and bucket lists to managing deadlines and resources. They hold more than just tasks; they hold the blueprints for projects, the whispers of ambitious goals, and deadlines to finish. Surprisingly, it’s also seen a growing risk to your data privacy.

Sure, your grocery list leaking might only spark a few chuckles. But what about that meeting reminder with the confidential client, tucked away in your to-do list? Or the strategic roadmap for your company's next big launch?

In the era of data breaches and malicious actors, our task management solutions have become surprisingly vulnerable. Does your task management (TM) solution share too much information (TMI)?

Why data privacy is on top of the list

Imagine your meticulously crafted client project leaking to a competitor—not just the slides, but your detailed timeline, budget notes, and more. Every brainstorm and secret sauce jotted down for the world to see. Your carefully planned launch strategy becomes billboard materials, setting you back in time and money.

Individuals are even more susceptible. It could very well be your confidential information getting out. Hackers can know your full name, where you live, and even your email address. It doesn't just stop with email addresses.

Let's not just talk hypothetical scenarios. There are real-life occurrences exposing a chilling reality: our professional task management apps hold more than just reminders. The recent breach of a well-known tool is still sending shock waves throughout the digital world. There’s a trove of confidential information, and a data breach can turn your "to-do" into a "too-much-information" disaster.   

Zoho's commitment to security and privacy 

Data privacy isn’t just another task to strike off the list. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

At Zoho, security and privacy is our center of gravity.

We review all of our procedures and policies to make sure they meet our standards. Periodic internal audits and independent third-party audits bolster security and compliance.

Access to our data centers is restricted to a small group of authorized personnel. Biometric and two-factor authentication provide an additional layer of security.

Oh, and did you know that we never sell any of your data? We never have and we never will.

Naturally, the solutions we offer are made from the same thread. In case you are wondering if it has one for task management, the answer is 'yes'.

Meet Zoho To Do

Tasks in Zoho Mail is powered by Zoho ToDo—a complete task management solution from a brand that’s known for our security and privacy.

Zoho ToDo lets you capture your to-dos with lightning speed and organize and prioritize them. But it isn't a solo act. Share tasks with your team, collaborate on projects, and assign deadlines.

The joy of ticking off a task is euphoric. But it can happen anywhere and anytime. Zoho ToDo doesn't leave you hanging. To tackle the surprise bolt from the blue, Zoho ToDo's app is designed for phones and tablets. Your data is perfectly synced, so you can switch between devices with ease.

Make the switch to Zoho ToDo 

Let's face it. If your current task management app feels like a colander for your confidential information, then it’s time to find a better one. A provider that you can trust your data with. After all, it takes two to tango.

But switching apps can feel like climbing Mount Everest in your pajamas. It can be daunting and takes every muscle. It’s a tougher climb if the app you’re switching to doesn’t support integrations. For one, it must allow you to import your older tasks, reminders, and lists.

This could be the sign that you were waiting for! Migrating to Zoho ToDo is a breeze. Check out how you can switch from your existing task management solutions here.

If you’re looking to switch from Trello to Zoho ToDo, you’re in luck. With our migration solution, you can bring in your data from Trello in an easy three-step process: import, authenticate, and map. Head over to this page to learn about the steps to migrate from Trello to Zoho ToDo.

Wrapping up 

Data privacy is for everyone, but your data isn’t. Ensure that your task management tool doesn’t provide "too much information" to unwanted entities and switch to a safer, more secure solution—Tasks in Zoho Mail, powered by Zoho ToDo.


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