Work smarter by integrating Zoho Sprints with Zoho Meeting and Zoho Show

At the beginning of 2020, nobody could have imagined that a pandemic could make remote work the norm. Thankfully, web conferencing solutions like Zoho Meeting filled the gap of face to face conversations. Project management tools like Zoho Sprints helped teams collaborate and stay in sync with project activities.

To help distributed teams collaborate more effectively and smartly, we decided to integrate Zoho Sprints with Zoho Meeting and Zoho Show. 

Zoho Meeting + Zoho Sprints

With the Meeting-Sprints integration, you can host secure online meetings with real-time audio, video, and screen sharing. Contextual and meaningful face-to-face meetings are the key to productivity. Include the context of your projects by scheduling a meeting from the release board, scrum board, or from any work item.

Zoho Meeting-Zoho Sprints
Zoho Meeting-Zoho Sprints

In Zoho Meeting, you can record your session's audio and screen. The recordings can be accessed from the meeting details page, where you can post comments and discuss key takeaways with your team. You can also host meetings with external stakeholders to demonstrate project progress and get early feedback.

 Zoho Show + Zoho Sprints

Beautifully designed slide decks are an effective method of conveying project ideas to your clients. In Zoho Show, you can create engaging presentations with images, smart elements, charts, tables, animations, and more. With the Zoho Sprints extension for Zoho Show, we introduced the option to insert Sprints cards, directly into your slides on Show.

Zoho Sprints-Zoho Show
Zoho Sprints-Zoho Show

A Sprint card is a stunning visual element with real-time indicators of project progress. While communicating project updates to clients, it's important to present actionable and meaningful data. Sprints cards help you quickly add charts to your slides from a specific project, release, or sprint.

With these two integrations, you no longer have to switch tabs to schedule an online meeting. You no longer have to go through the hassle of manually updating your slide decks. Try out these integrations and let us know if they helped you be more productive.

If you have any questions or feedback, please write to us at

If you're new to Zoho Sprints, you can start your free 15-day trial here.


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