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Product Marketing Manager - Zoho Recruit

Attract the Right Candidates with These Essential Online Tools

Over the​ years, the workplace has changed dramatically thanks to technology. Technology is incredibly ​useful, but ​its fast paced and ever advancing nature makes keeping up...

Zoho Recruit 3 min read

Meet Zoho Recruit at Recruiting Trends Conference, Las Vegas!

We are delighted to announce that Zoho Recruit will be exhibiting at the Recruiting Trends Conference, held at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas from 22-25 October 2013....

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Zoho Recruit: Post Jobs on LinkedIn

Social media continually brings in new ways for individuals to connect and interact with each other across various platforms. While the popularity of social networking...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Zoho Recruit: Reach Out to Candidates Faster with an SMS

The biggest challenge in the field of recruitment is to ensure that the job vacancies are filled on time. Talent acquisition is not an easy...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Get through your email faster

Email has been revolutionary in the world of business communication. Finding the most productive way to make your way through the overflowing inbox is an...

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Meet Zoho Recruit at Recruitment Agency Expo, 2013

We are very excited to be participating in this year’s Recruitment Agency Expo at Olympia, London from Feb 26th to 27th, 2013. Drop in at...

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Dependency Picklists, Custom Interview Types and More – Now in Zoho Recruit

Every couple of weeks we make enhancements -big and small- to Zoho Recruit. Most times we focus only on the bigger things and we forget...

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Get Better, Faster and More Exact Search Results

Searching qualified candidates within your own database is just as important as to search for and import new candidates into the system. We have made...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Zoho Recruit: Post Jobs on CareerBuilder

Sourcing the right talent for the right job at the right time helps the organization sustain a high performing culture. Attract the top talent with...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Zoho Recruit: Integration with Jobaline’s Pay-per-Pick

Today we are happy to announce our new integration with Jobaline’s pay-per-pick platform. For the first time in the recruiting industry, recruiters and small businesses...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read