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Which Kind Of Team Member Are You?

Online collaboration tools are making it easier for teams to be better organized and more coordinated, to help them reach their team goals more efficiently....

Zoho Docs 3 min read

Dropbox Integration : Be In Sync With Your Dropbox Files From Zoho Docs

Dropbox has become synonymous with online storage and file sharing and is used extensively to store documents, photos, videos, etc. This is the reason we...

Zoho Docs 2 min read

Zoho Docs 3.0 Released With New Features And Enhancements

Zoho Docs upgraded to the new 3.0 version. Our focus for this version, is enhancing the file sharing and collaboration experience. We have made file...

Zoho Docs 3 min read

Save Paper With Online Document Management

Here are some startling facts I came across online, about paper and its consumption in the US: Every year the U.S. uses nearly 3.7 million tons...

Zoho Docs 2 min read

Cops Save Paper With Zoho Docs

A small police department of the Delaware County in Pennsylvania, USA, are not only saving lives but paper too. They have decided to go paperless...

Zoho Docs 1 min read