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Prashanth V K

product marketer

Play tag with your tickets

Remember the good old days when you used Post-it Bookmarks to mark your favourite pages of a book? Each color meant something different and there...

Zoho Support 2 min read

Announcing Happiness Ratings for Zoho Support

The ultimate goal for any business is to acquire more customers and serve them in the best way possible. Sounds simple and straightforward, doesn’t it?...

Zoho Support 2 min read

Cloud Telephony and Mobile Apps for Zoho Support

The holiday season is approaching. What can be more gratifying than creating happiness! That’s exactly what we have in mind for you as well. It’s...

Zoho Support 2 min read

Introducing: Notification Center for Zoho Support

One of the key influencers of an agent’s response time is the delay in getting notified of developments. We’ve observed this from our own customer...

Zoho Support 2 min read

Build Communities. Share Knowledge. Create Happiness.

A couple of months ago, we asked customers which tool/platform they used to build their business’ community. And, several of them mentioned Facebook. To understand...

Zoho Support 1 min read

Free unlimited users! Freedom from software licenses!

Ever since we started building Zoho Support, we’ve firmly believed that small businesses must also be able to deliver world class customer service without having...

Zoho Support 2 min read

Poll: What’s the ratio of support reps to sales reps in your business?

Businesses come in various shapes and sizes. Some can generate a lot of new business with a small sales team, but will need a much...

Zoho Support 2 min read

Results: Facebook is the most used platform for community

In a bid to understand how businesses build communities, we had asked a question last week on our poll. We were eager to see what...

Zoho Support 2 min read

Poll: What do you use to build a community around your business?

Building a community around your business is, perhaps, the most important outreach activity you can ever pursue. It deserves such prominence especially because it’s a...

Zoho Support 2 min read

Results: What’s your approach to customer support hiring?

At Zoho, we get to talk to several startup founders and small business owners regularly. A good number of times, the topic of hiring and...

Zoho Support 2 min read