Here's to 11 years of Zoho Mail and our growing user base

Zoho Mail We're celebrating 11 years of our journey towards building the best email platform! 11 years of serving business email users and building trust, redefining business communications, and evolving from a mere email tool to a virtual workplace. This has been an incredible journey for the Zoho Mail team, and a big part of our growth is due to our 15 million (and growing) users worldwide who vouch for us. So, to all our loyal users, thank you for being one of the reasons we do what we do. 11 years is both a marathon and a start—a marathon in terms of how far we have come, and a start in terms of how far we are willing to go.

Zoho Mail user base

As we celebrate this milestone, here's a quick roundup of the many things Zoho Mail is today.

A comprehensive email experience

An email tool should not be only an inbox. While a lot of other email providers offer apps and add-ons to complement their service, we built them all into Zoho Mail itself, including features like Contacts, Bookmarks, Calendar, Notes, and Tasks. Whenever you receive an email, you can take contextual actions like setting a reminder, creating an event, or starting a chart, all directly from your inbox.

A security-first solution

While we're proud to offer multiple useful features and a clean, beautiful interface, we're also proud to say Zoho puts privacy and security first for any product we develop. Zoho Mail is built to provide our users with the utmost privacy and iron-clad security using encryption, multi-level spam filtering, extra authentication, and a firm no-ads policy.

A collaborative communication tool

Email should be more than a pile of messages exchanged and forwarded back and forth. To encourage collaborative communication, Zoho Mail introduced Streams, where conversations flow smoothly instead of piling up. Streams make it possible to share and discuss emails, tag members to alert or add them to a conversation, and create and delegate tasks easily.

An enterprise-ready option

The needs of large enterprises go beyond just a robust email platform. Advanced features like S/MIME, Huge Attachment support, white labeling, backup and recovery, eDiscovery, and resource booking are all part of Zoho Mail's enterprise plan, enabling your company to be well-equipped and stay compliant with industry laws.

A unifying platform

Today, Zoho Mail works perfectly with all of Zoho's other apps, helping you provide a streamlined ecosystem for your team rather than several disjointed tools. Zoho Mail also integrates with several other third-party apps and even gives you the toolkit and platform you need to build your own integrations and extensions with Developer Space.

A fully featured mobile system

Zoho Mail is handy—literally. Our native Mail, Mail Admin, and Streams mobile apps help you stay on top of your work even when you're away from your desk.

Raise your glasses with us to an amazing 11 years and to more groundbreaking changes to come! We could not have done this without you.

Haven’t tried Zoho Mail yet? Sign up today to join 15 million satisfied users, and enjoy the secure, richly-featured email experience Zoho Mail provides.


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