Zendesk and Hubspot eWidgets: Fulfilling your customer support and marketing needs

If you're in a customer support or marketing role, chances are you're hopping between a handful of applications—maybe tackling customer support tickets, replying to support emails, or checking your CRM dashboard regarding your latest marketing campaign. Over time, all of this app switching will cause a lot of friction. Here's how to minimize it. 

Zoho Mail is constantly expanding its collection of eWidgets by adding new integrations to ensure that you have everything you need at your fingertips within the app you use the most. We value user feedback and take your recommendations and requests into account as we make Zoho Mail even more useful.

By giving you all of your most-used applications right within the Zoho Mail app, you can save valuable time that can then be spent on meaningful work. 

Previously, we introduced such useful integrations as Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Asana, and other apps that elevate the way of working and foster efficient workflow. 

Zoho Mail eWidgets

Customer support and marketing are crucial for any business to succeed, especially in today's market. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers will make sure they stay loyal to your brand and reduce churn rates. 

Nowadays, customers expect immediate support from the businesses they buy from. Extended response times, a lack of resources, and engaging with the right audience— amongst other problems—can all be obstacles to providing outstanding customer service.

That's why having a workflow that helps you keep track of support tickets, customer support emails, marketing pipelines, and more is crucial. This is where the eWidget shines, because it optimizes your workflow so you can do more in less time—all from a single app. 

Leave your ticketing woes behind you with the Zendesk integration in Zoho Mail

Zendesk is a customer service solution that helps businesses improve their customer relationships. It can adapt to businesses of any size and type. 

With this integration, you can quickly glance through ticket statuses and sort them out based on priority, so that all of your customers get the best support. You can also create new tickets as they come through your inbox.

Zendesk eWidget

Here are some ways this integration can make a difference in your customer support role.

  • Quickly get all of the vital information you need about open and assigned tickets, and send updates via email without having to leave your email app.
  • Being notified of new tickets as you receive them can help you to assign them to appropriate agents proactively. This will result in better and faster customer service.
  • Create tickets from emails that you receive using a simple toggle. The details in the ticket field will be populated based on the email content.

If you're a customer support agent, these features will come as a huge relief to you. You can stop hopping between multiple applications and focus on the one thing that matters—offering exceptional customer support. 

Make your marketing more remarkable using the HubSpot eWidget

HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM application that can take care of your marketing, sales, content management, customer service, and more.

By integrating HubSpot with Zoho Mail, you can stay one step ahead when addressing customer queries, and bring in more customers by increasing your ability to respond to support emails and keeping them satisfied with your service. 

When a potential prospect reaches out to you via email, you can add them to your contacts right from the Zoho Mail app. You can then proceed to save their email address, add tasks associated with that contact, and much more to make a successful sale.

HubSpot eWidget 
A HubSpot CRM integration within Zoho Mail can help you in these scenarios.

  • Find every possible piece of information you need about your customer in one consolidated place for ease of access.
  • By addressing customer support requests faster, you can provide a more positive experience for your users, increase retention and brand loyalty, and even close deals easily without much fuss. 
  • This integration helps businesses with lead nurturing by sending highly personalized emails to prospects, and also helps with regular follow-ups to increase the chances of a successful email marketing campaign.

We're constantly working to add more eWidgets to Zoho Mail so that your email experience becomes more refined and your workflow reaches new heights. There are more exciting integrations coming up, so stay tuned for that!


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