Supercharge your project planning, note taking, and virtual meeting experience with Jira, Evernote, and Zoom eWidgets

If you need to "get more done in less time," then look no further than eWidgets. It will help you save time by giving you all of the tools you need in integrations, all right inside the Zoho Mail application. We're constantly listening to user feedback and getting to know how these integrations have helped their businesses in key areas. The most popular integrations for our users are Zoho CRM, Asana, and WorkDrive.


These integrations come in clutch when users want to access information on leads quickly, get insights on their project progress, and browse their stored files on the WorkDrive cloud.

If you're a Zoho Mail user, chances are you have tried and used these popular integrations. With a vast amount of integrations already in our arsenal, your app fatigue can be a thing of the past while you find yourself being more productive and organized. To keep this good thing going, we keep adding new integrations based on your requests.

We all depend on note-taking, project planning, video conferencing, and other similar apps every day to make our operations run smoothly. With email being the integral point of any business communication, it only makes sense to add these integrations within your Zoho Mail application.

By integrating Jira, Evernote, and Zoom with your email app, you can easily manage your tasks and projects. Never miss another deadline, and easily achieve your goals while being more proficient in note-taking and organizing meetings.

Never miss another project deadline with Jira integration  

Jira is a tool for software developers and agile workers that helps them manage projects and track issues. Having this tool right within your email application can save you a lot of time, which occurs when you switch between multiple applications.

By integrating Jira into Zoho Mail, you're always in control of your projects and their progress, so there are no surprises.

Jira eWidget

This can be launched right within your email application to help those fast-paced developers with their day-to-day tasks. Now you can create and add tasks to your Jira board just by highlighting the contents of your email.

Benefits of the Jira integration in Zoho Mail   

Having a project management tool right within your email inbox can come in handy for a variety of scenarios in your day-to-day activities.

  • When the scrum master sends over a list of priorities that need to be sorted via email, you can quickly add them to Jira just by selecting the email contents.

  • When you need to sort through your priorities for the day quickly while checking your emails, you can quickly check Jira in the widget section.

  • While sending project updates to your manager via email, you can quickly glance at Jira from the eWidget section without the need to leave the email application.

Capture everything. Accomplish many things. All with Evernote integration   

Evernote is a cloud-based note-taking application. Evernote also includes features such as adding tasks and to-do lists, and it also has the ability to sync across different devices. Users can include links and attachments with their notes.

Evernote eWidget

With all of these nifty features in Evernote combined with the all-powerful Zoho Mail, you've got quite the combo on your hands. The integration of the Evernote eWidget with Zoho Mail opens up different ways of sending emails.

You can create neat notes from email contextually, and, vice versa, create emails from your notes.

Why should you integrate Evernote with Zoho Mail?  

Having a note-taking integration with a tool as powerful and versatile as Zoho Mail can help you out in many ways.

  • Quickly email the agenda for a meeting directly from the note-taking app, saving you some time in the process.

  • Easily move the action items you received over email to your notes, where it's easier to keep track and get things done.

  • Save all of your important emails directly in Evernote and avoid them getting buried within your inbox.

Supercharge your inbox experience in Zoho Mail with the Evernote integration. Keep your most important emails in a distraction-free canvas to stay organized, more focused, and simply get things done.

With the Zoom integration, easily connect in more meaningful meetings   

Zoom is a video conferencing tool known for virtual video conferencing. Zoho Mail now comes with this integration baked within the application that can be enabled by the user.

Zoom eWidget

For the meeting-heavy people out there, this integration between Zoho Mail and Zoom will feel like a godsend. Users can quickly start meetings and jump into calls, all without having to leave the email application.

Benefits of the Zoom integration  in Zoho Mail

Having Zoom integration right within your Zoho Mail can facilitate collaboration in many ways. This ultimately yields a more efficient workflow.

  • View upcoming meeting details at a glance using the widget, without leaving the Zoho Mail app.

  • Create meetings from emails simply by opening the email and opening the Zoom eWidget. This will auto-populate the meeting details and agenda based on the contents of the email.

  • Schedule meetings right from the email app when you get an escalation email from one of your colleagues. This prevents any breaks in thought that occur when you're switching between different apps.

Wrapping up 

The integration of Zoom with Zoho Mail can really make a difference during your everyday meetings by giving you quick access to meeting details and making sure you stay on top of your day.

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding exciting integrations and eWidgets so that your days become even more productive. If you have any suggestions for features you’d like to see added next, please drop a line in this form.


15 Replies to Supercharge your project planning, note taking, and virtual meeting experience with Jira, Evernote, and Zoom eWidgets

  1. We are on, India data center and it seems Evernote integration is not available in India datacenter? When can we expect it to be rolled out for the Indian data centre?

  2. It would be helpful if the Evernote integration ACTUALLY WORKED. Have been trying for several weeks to make this happen (yes did the whole CS route, dift browsers, etc)

    1. Hi Nola Tillman, we regret the inconvenience that you are facing. Please drop an email to support(at)zohomail(dot)com explaining the issue so that we can sort it out for you.

      1. Hi Nola Tillman, I forwarded your query to the support team and fixed this issue for you. Please let us know your experience with this extension.

  3. Nice to see these integrations! However, I do not see the Evernite integration in the Zoho Mail Extensions section. Where can I activate the integration?

    1. Hi Maurice, Thank you for your feedback! Please write to us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com so that we can assist you with this.

    1. Hi George! Your feedback is much appreciated. We have passed this suggestion to the development team and it has been added to our roadmap.

  4. When did the main Zoho logo change, im just now noticing this with this article. Google is kinda hard, it returns only articles related from Zoho itself.

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