Announcing Night Mode, Quick Actions, and more in Zoho Mail

A sight for your sore eyes, a way to track your emails, a tactic to stay in sync, and a quick action for your follow-ups. Zoho Mail's newest additions are sure to impress you.

In line with our first roundup of features, we've decided to periodically surprise you with a bunch of nifty feature updates. While the first one in the series concentrated on CRM integration, Bookmarks, and other features, this part will cover more exciting features.

Night Mode:

Bags are great, but not under your eyes.

When long nights with coffee cups and tired eyes don't stop you from getting your work done, the least you can do is make the experience a pleasant one.

With this in mind, Zoho Mail introduces Night Mode. Now you can turn your screen to a darker theme to suit your surroundings at night, making it easy on your eyes.

Just like on your favorite e-readers, Night Mode makes it comfortable to check your email so you're more productive at night.

 Mail Delivery Indicator:

Sent or not, know it fast.

Whenever you send an email, it’s important to know if it has been delivered so you can follow up effectively.

Zoho Mail's delivery status lets you know if, and when, an email has been delivered in the email listing pane. A simple green tick on your sent email preview indicates that your email has been delivered, while queued and undelivered emails are marked with relevant icons

Learn more about how email delivery status works.

Zoho Projects Integration:

Stay in sync.

If you are using both Zoho Mail and Zoho Projects, this one will help you tackle your Tasks.

Tasks inside Zoho Mail come in handy for collaborating on work-related tasks or managing your personal to-dos. However, if you need an advanced Project Management system for working on different Projects with multiple teams, our integration with Zoho Projects will be advantageous for you.

This integration allows you to view your Project portals and the Tasks under their respective portals. You can view this right from your Inbox, from the Tasks App.

Directly associate an email with a Task/Bug in a particular Project. Add and assign teammates, along with Task/Bug details, all without leaving your mailbox. Any edits made to the Tasks/Bugs in your Project portals are synced with your Zoho mailbox, making sure that you're always in the loop 

Quick Action:

Do Press that Button 

Inboxes are now filled with more notifications and follow up emails than personal messages.

Inspired by the wide popularity of the "Call to Action" button inside these emails, we went one step further and came up with 'Quick Action'. This follow-up feature in Zoho Mail displays the CTA button right in the preview of the email.

It can be a prompt, like RSVP within the inbox, or a link to a third-party application/website, like your e-store order page, depending on the type of response for the action.

We're working on multiple similar integrations to give you the best experience with email.  If there's a particular integration you're especially interested in, leave comment. We'll consider your suggestions because we want running a business via email to be as incredible as it can be.

Get the complete Zoho advantage: You can now use Zoho Mail along with the broad suite of products that Zoho offers by signing up for Zoho Workplace or Zoho One.


108 Replies to Announcing Night Mode, Quick Actions, and more in Zoho Mail

  1. I was at night mode. I received a mail sporting a chart with supposedly three colours, yellow, blue and red. But all the three colours I was seeing on the screen were different. Right before my attempt to reply the sender to say that he may be colour blind, I luckily realized that it was a bug of the night mode.

  2. Looks promising - however I note you released it in July on US servers based on my US account, only this week on EU servers based on my EU sent folder. Several of my emails have no icon nothing in the documentation explains why this occurs - please specify why this happens. I assume you are using a tracking bit that gets stripped out by the receiving server so you are not getting a response. Taking a guess most of the emails with no marker are exchange accounts ?

    1. Hey Lucy, We have a process based on which the quick actions in emails are identified. We are registering the domains in the EU servers based on the user requests. In case you want emails from any specific providers to be marked up with quick actions, send us the 'Show original' of a sample email to We will check the email source and get back to you in detail.

  3. Mary Infantina - I am having series of problems while using outlook with zoho mail. synchronization is so poor. But online zoho is more better. But the feel of using the outlook is important. i had hard times with Zoho mail. Where should i contact ? even i click send button in outlook, Email being sent and still shows in the draft. same with the online.

    1. Hey Carlos, We would be glad to hear more on this. We welcome any suggestions in this regard. Let us know what your requirements are, and we'll forward it to our development team. Thanks, and keep using Zoho Mail!

  4. Night mode adding more positive things for zoho mail and Delivery indicator help traking emails. Thank you for adding nice features..

  5. Another two thumbs up for night mode and delivery indicator. I know this isn't the right forum, but a feature request: been getting a lot of spam from variations on different email addresses and domains, which makes it a nightmare to blacklist, because you'd have to do each one. Can you introduce a wildcard character into the whitelist and blacklist lists in Anti-spam? I'm certain I'm not getting anything real from .top and .stream and .men, but it's where all the spam is coming from. Would love to add *.top etc to the Domains-->Black List. Thanks.

  6. Hi Mary, The night mode is a nice addition - Thanks. I'm a little confused about the Quick Action Buttons. Is the article simply saying that your software can read them or is there a way that I can send out emails with them? That would be a huge plus... but I couldn't find any info on it.

  7. The best mail box I have ever used, and the integration with all the other ZOHO projects makes me decide ! ZOHO shall be part of my integrated platform @

  8. I started using zoho because it was simple; overall I would like it to stay that way. I stopped using yahoo because it got so crapped up it barely worked.

  9. Delivery indicator and night mode on are adding more positive things for zoho mail. The blog site is also quite good with more white space which makes everyone to read it with ease.

  10. Like most here, I'm pretty pleased with Zoho mail for both personal and business use. My pet irritation is the long winded way of adding emailed meeting requests to the calendar, something which should only take a couple of clicks. Any improvement on this would be helpful.

  11. Thanks to you team Zoho : ) We mostly use Zoho domain Mail, Docs like Spread Sheet etc. Glad to be a part of Your team, & Night mode is very helpful for us. Thankful Shayana

  12. Thanks Zoho, Great improvements! The features I would really love would be ONE calendar for all Zoho apps (or at least CRM & Mail), rather than sync between the apps, as this is not ideal. The other would be email tracking (open & click rate)with notification when emails are opened, etc Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you, Jason! We are glad you find the additions great :) ! Most of our users prefer to have separate calendars for CRM and Mail Suite. Hence we do not have immediate plans to bring about consolidation. Right now you can only sync your CRM Calendar with Mail Calendar for a unified view. To send out emails and getting consolidated reports about your campaigns, we suggest you to try using" rel="nofollow">Zoho Campaigns, a dedicated service for such requirements.

  13. ...all sounds good, particularly night mode and mail delivery. All in all, quite impressed with Zoho mail.....previously with, until I got so blitzed with Spam..!! Keep up the good work and I will move from Zoho trial to paid account. Thank you..

  14. Thanks for these updates — I'm quite sensitive to light and I'm loving the night mode so much that I'm using it by default on all my Zoho Mail accounts. I am currently evaluating (and likely purchasing) Zoho One for my business and an integration I'd like to see is that of Zoho Project's active tasks date spans be synced and shown on Mail's calendar (besides events) of the projects I'm part of / assigned to. My idea is to consolidate everything into One and not having to resort to third party calendars, etc, and is an integration that makes a lot of sense for me.

  15. Give me a way to migrate over from Yahoo Mail and I'm all yours. Ever since I started using it, I feel like I've been missing out on best-in-class mail this entire time.

  16. All great features. I'm looking for the ability to select and cut/copy/paste names or a group of names between To:, cc: and bcc: fields.

  17. Adding a task via the email/Projects integration gives the following error: "Oops! An error occurred. Try again later" Guess I will try again later!

        1. Hello Haseeb, On analyzing your logs, we see that you have not created any portals in your Zoho Projects account. Kindly follow" rel="nofollow">this help page to create portals, and then follow" rel="nofollow">this help page to associate your Zoho Mail Tasks with your Project portals. Email us at, should you face any issues. Thank you, and keep using Zoho Mail!

  18. What I need most is more tools for formatting text in an email, like a format painter. I heard you all were working on that. Any updates?

  19. All sounds good - Zoho has been overall a great replacement for the beloved old-version Yahoo Mail :-) but there a a few "pet" features I really still miss. Hope that these are next, or soon, on your list! Either would be a surprise to truly celebrate! 1. ability to sort emails by sender, subject, etc. 2. ability to drag names between "to", "cc" fields when Replying All

      1. Ooooh, yeah the new interface....that I have avoided trying for months because I was afraid it'd be too "junked up"! haha! I guess I am on the "keep it simple" bandwagon overall, but if this feature is on there I'll give it a try and let you know what I think! :-D

    1. Hey Drew, We have a Notes application in Mail, which is well integrated with Mail. Due to our current priorities, we are unable to take up the integration with Notebook right away. We will surely pass on your feedback to the relevant teams. Regarding sync with Blackberry, we suggest you follow the instructions here: In case you need more assistance, drop an email to with your device details. We will be glad to help!

  20. For several months now, we have been getting these: ">" on our email. On long trails, we get ">>>>>>>>". I haven't had that happen in email since the 90s. Is there a way to get rid of them for good?

      1. Hi, We are trying to restore outgoing emails from our mail id, but its been zero help from Zoho! Can you please help us out? We need immediate access to sort out our email id which has to send more emails. Looking for help!

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